Book Writing Ideas For New Writers

Coming up with an appropriate book writing idea may be challenging, regardless of your experience. Whether you’re a new writer or an experienced author, it can be challenging to look for inspiration and motivation for your next piece.

However, there are several strategies to turn your stories and ideas into a good book idea, if not a best-seller. Going through a creative block is pretty typical; life is all about ups and downs. So, if you’re just starting your writing career, don’t worry because we’ve listed down a couple of book writing ideas for you!

8 Book Writing Ideas For New Writers

For new writers, try a few techniques to look for inspiration from. Try stepping outside of your comfort bubble, thinking out of the box, try new life experiences. Conduct research on topics you’re inspired by. Run lifestyle experiments and deep dive into your thoughts.

Book Writing On Experiences

To ease it further, we’ve compiled a few ideas for book writing:

1. Write About Your Pet Peeves

When you think about something that irritates you, you can come up with a list of things you hate. For us, that’s mistakes committed by emerging entrepreneurs. It’s not that it irritates us a lot, but when we’ve been through a similar situation and made similar mistakes. It hurts to see people falling for them too.

This can fuel your ability to write on the complexities of how to avoid these mistakes or even how to conduct these activities properly. In our case, we can write an entire book on how to launch a business successfully. Or how to avoid silly mistakes and lead your business to doom.

On that note, think of what gets you heated the most? Think about that topic, conduct extensive research, and write without any creative barriers. Start by listing up ideas for your topic; this is just an initial rough draft; you will structure it later.

This approach has helped a lot of well-known great writers write their best pieces.

2. New Experiences

Think about telling stories or writing books about fresh and daunting experiences similar to Charley Boorman or Ewan McGregor. Though these were celebrities doing all this for charity, nonetheless, you can also have a similar daunting and adventurous experience and tell the entire world about it in the book you write.

3. Blog

Writers also blog a series of chapters and then compile it into a book. This works well with a specific niche topic. This helps writers gain a loyal fan base while captivating their interests. Once you have an adequate number of chapters, you can compile them into a book and publish them.

You can also write about your favourite tv series, similar to Philip Sandifer. He blogged a series of chapters on his favourite tv series, Doctor Who. Later, he compiled all the blogs into a series of books. Various writers have adopted this successful approach.

4. Podcast

Produce a podcast, and then sum up your learnings into a book. Lately, podcasts have gained significant prominence across the planet. While inviting a guest speaker and interviewing them is one of the most common forms of podcasts.

Lewis Howes and entrepreneur and instructor, followed the same approach to write The School of Greatness, one of the New York Times best-selling books. The book is a comprehensive summary of all that Lewis has learned while interviewing his guests.

5. Short eBooks

Have you got exemplary ideas for book writing? Not sure about the outcome? Worry not because you can self-publish a series of short eBooks. This eBook writing will help you test the audience for their tastes.

If the experiment runs successfully, you can confidently write the entire book, digging deep into details and writing a complete book on it. This strategy is called a book validation strategy.

6. Publishing Online

If writing a full-length book is too much of a job for you, try this easier option; publishing one chapter at a time. This will break the entire book into smaller parts, giving you the ease to write in portions rather than one whole book.

Earlier too, famous writers would write books in part, take Charles Dickens, who wrote the Pickwick Papers, as short stories in place of an entire book. But now, in this modern era, the internet eases this task. Various online platforms like Wattpad or Amazon Kindle Singles let you publish in parts online.

Moreover, these services also have features that provide feedback, allowing you to adjust how you write to synchronise later parts too.

7. Best Laugh

Thanks to technology, taking notes and capturing moments is a piece of cake. Make use of this technology, and jot down all moments that make you laugh. Repeat this activity for an entire week.

While it may not be easy to remember why it was funny, however, you’ll have enough evidence to write it down. Make sure you note down these three things while capturing the moment:

  • Who made you laugh?
  • Why did you laugh?
  • How did you feel then?

This can help you retain the moment and also the emotions connected. Sum all your notes and form a manuscript for your book.

8. Most Upsetting Experience

Emotions play an essential part in captivating the audiences’ attention. Research has indicated that stories that discuss tragedies of life have more attraction than any other genre. Consequently, driving more traffic.

While it may be challenging to let out and narrate the most traumatic experiences you’ve faced, it may be highly beneficial for the readers. They can learn your side of the story while also learning life lessons.

If your life isn’t as exciting, or you cannot afford new experiences, you can also take inspiration from others. How, you ask? Read further on to know.

Book Writing On Inspiration

1. From Favourite Musicians

Various books have been written from the point of view of a fan. Maybe write about the experience of a concert you recently visited. Or, if you have a great music collection, tell the world about that. You can also write about songs and try to interpret them as per your understanding.

Furthermore, you can also examine lyrics and provide feedback. And you can even get book ideas from song lyrics too. Or how music has impacted different dimensions of life, let’s say the politics of your country, for example.

2. An Act Of Kindness

Commit a different act of kindness every day for an entire month and write a book about that to inspire people around you. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen viral trends of people committing acts of kindness.

And this happens because of all the correct purposes. Not only does this benefit the people they’re doing it for, but they also inspire many people around them to commit the same acts. In this era, where people are shocked by the number of inhumane acts daily, such random acts inspire and make a difference.

3. Experiment Transformative Courses

This book idea is really good for someone interested in self-development with a thirst for knowledge. You can spend one entire month on various transformative courses, like cooking, exercise, yoga, business skills, drawing, designing, writing, etc.

While the list remains fairly long, you should opt for courses that you’re interested in. Such courses also come with the option of physical or online sessions. And there are a whole lot of providers out there.

After enrolling in a course, document your entire journey while drawing a comparison of yourself before enrolment and after passing out of the course. How did you find it, and what value did it add to you?

4. Diet and Fitness Regimen

Every time you access a social networking site, you encounter a new diet plan or fitness class. The plans range from low carbs to keto, weight loss, and even weight put on, with high and low-intensity programs to cater to all ages, genders, and needs.

 You can cash in this opportunity, get yourself enrolled in a plan, and write about your entire experience. You can document how it has changed your lifestyle, how can it positively impact your life, and who should join this fitness or diet regimen

5. Social Media Blackout

Research indicates that an average adult spends at least 5 hours of their day using social media. That a significant amount of the day is wasted upon apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

For a majority chunk of people, social media is an important element of their life. While for some, it’s very important to check their feed first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. For a change, try boycotting social media and document your entire experience in a book. How did this withdrawal add to your sufferings or benefit your routine?

Positive outcomes can inspire the reader to follow your path, and limit time on social media, to become productive.

6. Inspire To Push Boundaries

You can come across various books catering to this idea. While it may not be easy for everyone to do so, there are still a lot of authors who have experimented with this idea. For instance, if you’re a 30 something career-oriented person, participate in a marathon, and write a book about the experience.

While it may be difficult for you to do so, however, remember that you’re writing to inspire people to push their limits. So, for you to inspire them, you must do so first yourself.

7. Ideals

Have you ever had a personality that has left a mark on your life? Perhaps a business professional, a spiritual character, a teacher, or even as simple as your best friend? You can write about the people who inspire you the most.

Talk about how they’ve affected your life. Make sure to highlight specific lessons and how those lessons have changed your life. You can even dedicate the book to them out of gratitude. This can prove to be an incredibly empowering book-writing idea.

If experience and inspiration aren’t your things, and you’re looking for something less personal, you can even go for an educational book. Don't worry; we shall continue to assist you with deciding upon an idea.

Educational Book Writing Ideas

If you’re an educator looking for educational book writing ideas to make your lessons more dynamic, you have landed at the right place to look for ideas. Let's get started without further ado with these incredible ideas:

1. Homework

If there is one thing that children despise the most, apart from coming to school, that’s homework. Write an education book to tell those young ones why homework is necessary.

Start by discussing whether or not there should be homework for each specific grade. Then give arguments why this is such a crucial part of school life. You can use a persuasive tone to help children understand the benefits of homework and turn them in favour.

2. Tech in Education

While it is generally accepted that technology is a crucial part of life, however, is it being efficiently utilised in schools? How much should technology influence the education sector, and is it negatively affecting the sector overall?

You can start off with an argumentative style, giving arguments in favour and against the use of technology in education, and later change to a persuasive tone by convincing the audience about your findings.

3. Classroom Management

Managing a class is an art only some educators know of. If you're one of those, consider yourself extremely fortunate to know so. And it’s time you share your talent with the rest of the world. Write an educational book on how to manage a classroom.

Not only does the topic have the potential to gain popularity among prospective teachers, but it can also be of great benefit to existing teachers who have trouble managing the classroom. We’re pretty sure a lot of the teachers would be interested in knowing what you have up your sleeves before entering the classroom.

4. Education For Special Needs Students

Unfortunately, this is a topic rarely touched. Even if your educators are not studying special education, they must know how to cater to special students. Writing a book catering to this topic can ease the lives of not only educators but also open doors for special needs students.

The book can include a comprehensive guide for general teachers who want to cater to and assist special needs students. Add in pieces of training and techniques that can help educators.

While these incredibly rich ideas are for educational book writing, we have treats for research book writers too.

Research-Based Book Writing Ideas

Looking to write your next research paper or entire research-based book? Read further on for ideas:

1. Business Research Ideas

Typically, a business student, graduate, or entrepreneur would want to write a business research book. However, there is no restriction. With adequate research, you can definitely do research book writing. We’ve listed below a couple of incredibly interesting topics for you!

  • Business in the digital era
  • Remote employment
  • Franchising and smart business solutions
  • Business communication
  • Changes in leadership styles
  • Countries to invest in
  • Outsourcing workforce
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Russia vs. Ukraine and oil prices
  • Global inflation
  • How to be the next wolf of wall street
  • Educational debt and income correlation
  • The rise and fall of the cryptocurrency
  • The future of global trade
  • Wars and international business

While these may be general business ideas, you can also opt for a specific department, like marketing, supply chain, management, HR, or finance.

While a business might not be everyone’s fit, you can do research book writing on something for the greater benefit, like Healthcare.

2. Healthcare

Healthcare is something close to every living individual. Whether you are a student or a professional in the medical field or not.

If healthcare research writing is what fascinates you, we have some incredible research book ideas that you can write about:

  • smoking and obstacles to quit
  • healthy lifestyle and preventative medicine for seniors
  • youth inactivity
  • obesity and mental health
  • social media and health
  • plastic surgery
  • abortion
  • exercise and fitness
  • infectious diseases like coronavirus, TB, HIV/AIDs
  • changes in climate and rising temperatures
  • women in global health
  • busting healthcare myths
  • women’s health; breaking taboos
  • COVID vaccination and menstrual cycle

You can either use some of our research writing ideas for your next book or come up with your own. However, before research book writing, remember to conduct accurate and relevant research and back your findings with data and statistics to boost authenticity.


To sum it up, this blog post ran you through a bunch of incredible ideas for your next New York Times best-selling book. From experimental to inspirational and even educational and research-based, we’ve got your back. Remember that while looking for an idea, you should opt for something that isn’t too wide or narrow.

And in case this article has helped you come up with an idea, you’re confused about how to write it. Then look no further because Writing Services Hub can help you write a book too. Contact us for more information!