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Writing Services Hub provides the best technical writing services to businesses worldwide. Our professional team of technical writers is fluent in creating instructional and technical manuals, journals, assessments, and guides using clear and concise language. We understand the importance of conveying necessary technical knowledge to a non-technical audience and strive to write in a language that can be understood by all.

Educate Quickly by Outsourcing Work to Our Professional Technical Writers

We have a team of expert technical writers under our wing working tirelessly. They have proven industry skills and experience in different fields, allowing them to easily convert complex concepts into easy to understand concepts.

We Provide a Vast Range of Technical Writing Services

Software & Hardware Documentation

We provide software and hardware documentation. Hardware documentation includes user manuals, installation guides, and the design specifications required to set up hardware. On the contrary, the software document describes the details and specifications of the system itself. Both are necessary for utilizing the system to its adequate capacity.

Policy & Procedure Writing

Policies help organizations in defining and emphasizing the culture of the organization. They are the high-level guidelines needed to be communicated throughout the organization. Conversely, procedures are the low-level guidelines that guide staff on how they should perform a specific task. As a result, policy and procedure documentation are prepared.

Installation And User Guides

Installation guides help the user in the technical steps involved in installing a specific program. While user guides, explain how a program can be used. It may also include troubleshooting tips for the user. Writing Services Hub can provide technical writing services to write user manuals and installation guides.

Technical Proposal & Research Writing

Technical proposals are all about identifying and addressing the reader’s problem, your proposed execution plan, and other technical details related to the project. On the other hand, Research writing focuses on answering research questions based on scientific and existing research data. You need a technical writer to excel in both, and Writing Services Hub has the best team.


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Our Expert Team Has Diverse Technical Writing Specialties

Product Descriptions

They are a type of marketing copy that enlists all the product's benefits. These product descriptions can be in the form of a short paragraph containing bullets or sentences detailing all the information related to the product. The information provided in this copy educates the reader about the product and helps make the decision regarding whether it solves their problems or not.

However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not all content writers can do a good job at it. It requires technical knowledge and understanding of the niche and product. Without the knowledge, the copy can lack the substance required to persuade the reader to take the desired action.

Thus, if you are looking for professional technical writing services, Writing Services Hub can be your savior. Our tech writers know the bitsy of product descriptions that make your product sell.

Web Content Development

Website content development is also a type of technical writing. The writer must collect the information, research the facts, and identify the targeted segment and market. After the data has been gathered, information is organized and edited to publish on the website.

Your website becomes the face of your brand or product. Therefore, you need to be wary of what goes in there. In addition, web copy also helps your site rank on the Google SERP as the content helps the crawler understand the intent of your website and align the site against the user search query.  So, if you want to rank higher on the search engine, the research and your copy need to be stellar.

Our tech writers understand the importance of using optimized web copy keywords to leverage the billions of search queries Google receives daily. Hence, hire us to get a successful web copy that drives organic traffic.

Training Materials

Material is documented to train the reader about a skill, task, or job. However, only a professional with specific technical skills can pen down the training materials. Since, to teach someone effectively, the author also has the knowledge required to structure the training.

What makes the Writing Services Hub stand out is our team of expert writers having hands-on experience in different niches. Their experience and skills help them structure courses and programs that effectively achieve the goal of training and educating the reader.

Training material can vary. You may need us to write a guide about “how to earn six figures without investment” or a book enlisting all the details and hacks to help the reader become “the best digital marketer”. Moreover, training content can be audio, text, and video. Regardless of the type of material and its niche, we guarantee you to provide the best technical writing services.

Technical Writing Consultants

Some people know exactly what their needs are. However, many individuals struggle to identify the service they need having little to no knowledge about technical writing. If you are one of the latter, finding it difficult to figure out what type of technical writing your business needs, our technical writing consultancy services can help you.

When you sign up for our technical writing consultancy services, we take charge to satisfy your business needs. We start the process by listening up to your brief carefully. We then perform thorough research from our end to identify your target market and audience, your business niche, and competitors to understand how to leverage the market. Based on our findings and your brief, we provide you with our technical writing services ensuring it helps you achieve your goals.

Therefore, hire our technical writers right away to step on a path towards achieving success.

Documentation Writers

We have experienced documentation writers working under our umbrella and are ready to assist you. They know their craft well and efficiently document all the technical stuff related to your business, products, processes, procedures, and everything that comes in between.

A documentation writer is responsible for documenting technical and complex concepts related to products or services and business in an easy to understand language. Whether it is about documenting the functions of a product or overseeing the management and documentation of processes and systems, a documentation writer's responsibility is to complete it.

But many businesses avoid hiring a full-time documentation writer since it can be costly. Therefore, they prefer outsourcing the documentation to a professional technical writer having the relevant technical knowledge about the business niche and its offerings to ensure timely and error-free documents. Outsourcing the documentation also protects businesses from breaking their banks.

Medical Technical Writers

Technical writers are also required to explain medical and healthcare related concepts. Since people prefer searching for all their symptoms online to identify what’s going on with their bodies or minds, it has become crucial for healthcare providers, governments, and doctors to create an online presence and educate them the right way.

The lack of authoritative sources providing information online can lead people to believe false claims made by any random person sharing information online. This can lead to severe consequences. In addition, medical writers are also responsible for writing product descriptions for medicines, their benefits, and potential side effects.

Hence, if you are a pharmaceutical company, a healthcare provider, or run a medical blog, ensure to review the scientific evidence available and recheck facts before publishing the content online. However, if you don’t have the resources, energy, or time to do this all, it is better to hire a medical, technical writer from Writing Services Hub to do the job for you.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs documentation defines the necessary course of action that team members and managers should take in certain situations. Unlike simple procedural documentation, SOPs involve more thought processes and approval from the person in authority.

For example, if an employee wants to take a leave, what steps should he follow? Maybe he needs to apply through an online company portal, add the dates and reasons for leaving, and submit. The manager received the leave request; now, what should be the course of action?

The SOPs define these types of actions that in a corporate environment are primarily associated with the company’s policies defined by the human resource department and approved by the top tier management. But, there can be SOPs related to hospitals, airports as well. A quick reminder to COVID-19 SOPs!

Well, not everyone can pen down the standard operating procedures. You need a technical writer to enlist the proper SOPs, take approval, share with the relevant audience, and emphasize their importance.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a technical writer for as low as $15 per hour or as high as $125 per hour. The fee any technical writer charges depends on several factors. These may include the difficulty level of the project, the skill level and experience of the writer, the deadline of the project, and the business's niche.
However, finding a technical content writer who meets all your needs can be finding a needle in a haystack if you are turning to freelance platforms. But at Writing Services Hub, we have tech writers mastered in every field, making it easier for us to serve our customers timely without compromising quality.

Yes, we offer all types of technical writing services. Whether you are looking for a medical technical writer to write healthcare concepts or a documentation writer to document your product functionalities, Writing Services Hub has you covered. We take your brief seriously, identify your requirements and produce content that can help you achieve your business goals.
After reviewing your project requirements, your account manager will convey a customized turnaround time during which you can expect to receive an update. We try our best to submit an initial draft within 48 hours. However, we can also accommodate your specific deadlines if you have any.
Yes, we have subject matter experts (SME) technical writers. We have a team of writers with industry experience in different fields, allowing them to write about their particular subject with complete confidence and explain the complex concepts easily to the reader.
Moreover, our writers focus on the objectivity of the content while documenting to ensure none of the facts are compromised. Moreover, they use clear and concise language, free from grammatical and technical errors.
Technical writing may include product descriptions, press releases, datasheets, job applications, business proposals, reports, memos, product specifications, and whitepapers. These are only a few of its examples; the field is diverse. To put it simply, regardless of the type and size of the business, it falls under technical writing if the writing needs technical knowledge. Writing Services Hub provides exceptional technical writing services to businesses. Thus, if you are looking for any of these services, feel free to hire our professional writers.
The three Cs are concise, clear, and consistent. These are the thumb rules for all technical writers working under the Writing Services Hub. We ensure every piece of technical nature we produce fulfills these rules and makes it easier for the audience to wrap their heads around the complex concepts that otherwise would have been impossible.
They both are the same. Technical communication is a newer term for technical writing, and it defines an emerging field. It includes instructional design, user experience design, and information design. Whether you are looking for professional technical communication services or technical writing services, our professional team is ready to work on your project.