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Writing Services Hub is a leading book writing agency providing professional book writing services to clients globally. If your mind is on a rollercoaster ride of interesting and exciting stories that you want to share with the world. But putting your thoughts into words is not your strong suit, yet if you want to become the next bestseller author, we can assist you in becoming one.

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We have professional book writers working tirelessly to provide the best quality writing experience. Taking your brief, the team expands the horizon of thoughts to create scenes that keep the reader interested in the book till the end.

We Provide a Vast Range of Book Writing Services


We are a book writing website providing ghostwriting services making your dream easier to become a reality. That is, our professional writing team will do the work for you and will not disclose the details of the work so that you can publish it under your name without worrying about plagiarism.

Fiction And Nonfiction Writing

We provide professional book writing for fiction and nonfiction genres. Fiction stories are all about basing the characters, scenes, and story-based on your imagination, while in nonfiction writing, we will put into words the factual story based on real events and people. So, whatever it is, you can trust us with it!

Children’s Book Writing

If you want to create a difference by publishing a motivational children’s book, we can help you achieve it. We have a team of writers dedicated only to this genre. They understand the little things that excite the kids and create stories and situations that keep them entertained until the end and on repeat.

Biography And Autobiography

Biographies follow a set structure, following actual events that happened in a real person’s life. Whether it’s a famous person you want to publish an autobiography on or you have a personal life story to tell, Writing Services Hub can do it for you. Just share the data with us, and we will convert it into a story worth reading.

Book Publishing

Are you worried about the technicalities involved in publishing a book? You should not be if you are getting our book publishing services. Once we pen down the story, have your approval on that, design the book, we can also publish it for you. We are experts in providing book writing services and helped thousands of clients publish their work.

Technical Writing

A trusted partner of thousands of companies worldwide, our expert team at Writing Services Hub is especially skilled in finding the right technical writer or content developer for your project based on location, industry background or experience level. Whether you need assistance with website content, digital marketing, eLearning development, or technical documentation, we have the expert for you.


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We Provide All Services Related to Book Writing

Book Design

At Writing Services Hub, we deal in several services related to book writing, including book design. It is an art of arranging and incorporating textual content, visual elements, formatting, style, and design into a coherent product. A good book design can help you uplift the overall manuscript feel, cover design, and paper stock that can help attract a greater targeted audience to purchase the book.

In addition, a good book design will also improve the readability of the book. For example, it will have visually separated paragraphs that will not interrupt the flow of the story and contain small indents to include the several dialogues you have. You will never find large indents in any good book as it can look uneven and ragged. These are only a fraction of the key points of a good book design. There are hundreds of tinier details and hacks that only the experts know about.

Ebook Writing

The first rule of marketing is to sell where your target audience is spending time. The Internet is where most of the target audiences are found. Yes, the types of websites, communities, and social platforms they use can vary, but on a higher level, it’s the Internet. That’s how the trend of eBooks started.

There are many people who still prefer having a physical book in hand to experience a good read while going to bed or traveling on the train. However, adolescents and young audiences mostly prefer the book online in a digital format on their tablets, laptops, or mobile devices.

With Writing Services Hub’s book writing services, you can also ask for a digital version of your book to increase your chances of reaching your targeted audience and increase the number of sales. You just have to provide us with the brief, and our professional team of writers will handle the rest.

Book Trailer Makers

Alongside our book writing services, we also provide book trailer-making services. A book trailer is a marketing tool for promoting a book. It is a short-length promo video highlighting critical scenes from the book to intrigue the viewers. It is shared and promoted on various social platforms to reach a wider targeted audience and increase the hype among them.

To put it simply, book trailers are just like movie teaser trailers. You can create a single trailer or come up with a group of two or three trailers, with each triggering the emotions of your targeted audience and persuading them to get the book at the earliest.

We have an expert graphic design, illustration, and animation team working side by side with our marketing team to come up with trailers that will help you become the next bestselling author. Get our book trailer-making services now to reach a higher level of success.

Book Editing & Proofreading

What could be worse than having a lousy book design? Grammatical errors, punctuation blunders, spelling errors, and complex language do not match your targeted audience’s persona. How to avoid falling into this category? By getting professional book writing services!

Even if your story is powerful with many exciting transitions and a well-thought-of ending, you can still fail to sell your book because of book editing and proofreading mistakes.

Besides the substance of the story, you need to structure the content properly to improve the book's readability. The flow should be like water flow, leading your reader from one para to another because he wants to know what happens next. But, spelling and grammatical errors can kill all your opportunities. Our proofreading and book editing services ensure that everything is streamlined and there are no loopholes that may kill the reader's euphoria.

Research Paper Writing

Research writing is one other eBook writing service we provide to people worldwide. It is mainly related to academics. It involves discovering at least one research question or problem and finding the answer to it for the targeted audience. Thorough research and review of existing research are required to perform a detailed research paper. They are more professional and published in online libraries and journals.

Furthermore, research papers require reviewing the existing literature, analyzing the collected data, concluding the finding, and providing recommendations for future research. Sometimes, the thesis work is also converted into a more professional research paper with the goal of getting it published in a reputable online library.

Regardless of the type of research paper and the industry, we can cater to your needs. We have technical book writers working under our umbrella to provide the best book writing services to all our clients.

Travel Content Writing

Do you love traveling and always seek adventure? And want to publish a book entailing the many places you have explored, defining the sceneries and the feeling they brought to you, sharing details about the culture and the people you met during your stay? Or do you want to list down from your experience the many tips people should consider while traveling to a remote area? Whatever the title or the body you want to put beneath a fantastic book cover, we got you covered!

We have book writers who have a knack for adventure, like to visit places and share the same interest as you. They are professionals and know how to put exciting travel experiences into words. Thus, if you want a travel book under your name but lack writing skills, feel free to hire a Writing Services Hub to do the job for you.

Technical Writing

We also have the best technical writers on board if you need technical writing services for your next book. Whether you need a medical technical writer, engineering technical writer, or technical marketing writer, our book writing services can assist in all these.

Our technical writers have many years of industry experience under their wing. Their knowledge makes them experts at explaining complex concepts in a language that your targeted audience understands with little to no technical skills. Whether it is a user manual, a software document, technical proposal, research writing, product descriptions, training material, or SOPs, our writers will provide a flawless writing experience.

So, keeping aside all the worries and doubts, reach out to us using the chat box at the right-bottom of the screen. As soon as we receive your brief, our team will break it down into a roadmap to produce your desired writing product.

Book Marketing

Today, people are busier than ever; the lifestyle changes and digital revolution have left no time for them to come to the books themselves. And why would they, when they have so many other options of entertainment available right on their handheld devices.

Therefore, you need a rigorous marketing strategy to make them realize that you also exist on bookshelves or online. The main goal will be to create awareness among consumers and booksellers about your book and increase your book sales as a whole.

Some of the book marketing tools and strategies include book readings in the park, promotional trailers, creative social media ads, influencer marketing, etc. However, trying to do it yourself will only leave you exhausted. To avoid being distracted from the more important thing, like the ‘story’, it is better to outsource the book marketing to an agency like Writing Services Hub.


Frequently Asked Questions

The lowest you will be charged by any book writing services will be $1200 to $1500 for a 200 to 300-page book. However, it is a rough estimate; the charges may vary depending upon several factors, including the genre, length, difficulty level, and expertise of the professional book writer. But, hiring an amateur writer can jeopardize everything for you. Therefore, hire Writing Services Hub’s professional book writers to evade seeing your dream book fail miserably.

It depends on the book and the contract. However, if we provide a rough estimate on print books, the author makes around 5-20% royalties, around 25% royalties on eBooks, and 10-25% on audiobooks. Therefore, if you have the story, you can leverage it from the market by getting professional book writing services.
Several factors, such as your brief and chapter-wise review, are involved to ensure the final product follows your requirements. And with the constant back and forth and changes, sometimes the deadlines may vary. However, once you tell us your project requirements, your account manager will revert with a customized deadline.
Yes, we have subject matter experts (SME) technical writers. We have professional writers having diverse expertise and subject matter expertise in different niches. Their expertise helps us to produce each book that is error-free when it comes to a specific genre.
Definitely! We provide all services related to book writing, whether it is book editing or book publishing. We can do it for you without compromising on quality. Besides these services, we also offer book design, book marketing, book trailer making, technical writing, and eBook writing services.