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Writing Services Hub was established to deliver all in one promising ghostwriting writing services. We aim to be known for offering the best-ghostwriting services in the USA. Our professional ghostwriters deliver top-notch content copies based on market-competitive marketing strategies.

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Professional Ghost Writing

Get instant help with all your writing projects from professional ghostwriters.

Experienced Writers

We have subject matter experts, to provide you with the best ghostwriting services for your books or e-books,

Hassle Free Ghostwriting Process

While we ghostwrite your project, enjoy 100% copyright and join us every step of the way.

Hire the Top Ghostwriting Company and Save your Time and Efforts

Our professional ghostwriting services have been designed uniquely to serve customers from different areas. We have the best ghostwriters for hire who have a flair for writing. Most of our book ghostwriters have succeeded in helping our clients achieve the desired outcome. Some have also become bestselling authors by connecting with our ghostwriting agency and hiring the best ghostwriters.

Make your Books and Content Stand Out With Our Wide Range of Ghostwriting Services


Writing Services Hub has a team of fiction ghostwriters. They pen down your creativity using their literary skills. We have professionals who use their charming words to mesmerize the readers. Also, they pay special attention to the plot and subject nature. So, if you have a mystery or a romantic story stirring in your heart, our creative professional ghostwriting services can conjure a solution that easily fits your needs.


Among all genres, non-fiction writing has always achieved a lot of importance. It’s the truth that easily and always captivates the audience. If you’re planning to start non-fiction writing, our ghostwriting agency can help you out. Hire us, and let us rid you of all the burdens. It can be anything, any story or autobiography. We have solutions for all your non-fiction writing needs.

Children’s Book

Writing a children’s book isn’t child’s play. It requires creative ideas and professional skills to compose delightful literature that has a lasting impact on young minds. Our professional ghostwriters create amusing illustrations for the picture books and include eye-catching cover designs. They also have the skills to ensure imaginative world-building using fictional ideas for young adult novels. Hire us; we can care for all your children’s book writing needs.


We can help you if you are stuck in writing a biography. Our ghostwriters can help you create a clear timeline of events while focusing on profound life experiences. We know that biography is a chronological account written in the third-person perspective. Thus, our writer uses the timeline and addresses things professionally to shape the audience’s perspective. Our ghostwriting agency has writers who can create compelling biography while referring to authentic sources.


Are you looking for somebody to compose your story for you? Would you like to tell the world what you have experienced? Do you believe individuals should realize what you have felt throughout the long term? If the response to that large number of inquiries is yes, you have come to the perfect place. We offer you the best-ghostwriting services for the best collection of memoirs and autobiography. Contact us now!

E-Book Writing

With exceptional composition, planning, and showcasing offices, every one of the experts working here is supported with cutting edge assets to convey excellent results. At the most sensible estimation, we keep our quality higher and drive greatness in our work. At Writing Service Hub, we utilize our abilities to offer the best types of assistance to help your web-based presence and twofold the advancement.


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Our Ghostwriting Services Approach

Are you stuck in completing your writing tasks? Are the deadlines close? Hire us. We save your time and efforts through our platform. You can forego your worries and avail our professional ghostwriting services. Our ghostwriting agency has exceptional writers with outstanding book writing skills. So, it doesn’t matter which niche or subject area you choose; we are here to cover it all.

Research and Ideation

Our ghostwriting and editing team furnish you with everything expected to distribute your book. To begin chipping away at your book, enlist a professional writer and the rest is our work. Expect the best happiness from our professional writers who are up and consistent to help you. Our professionals don’t jump to writing without any research or preplanning. They utilize their research skills to generate ideas focusing on creativity and imagination. Our ghostwriters always look forward to delivering unique content that easily grabs the readers’ attention.

At the Writing Services Hub, our team is equipped with some of the best research tools. They utilize these tools for finding and creating the best ideas. We give a class of professional services in the field of ghostwriting, book planning and promoting through first rate examination, ideation and an extraordinary obligation to create the best to support writers like you.

Book Writing

You have a good thought for a book; however, you lack time — or even the craving — to plunk down and transform those thoughts into an original copy. Maybe you’re still too bustling carrying on with your life to stop to the point of composing your diary. Yet, it would help if you left an inheritance. Or then again, maybe you need to broaden your image and increment your compass. However, you’ve got a variety of things to take care of.

We safeguard your security, thoughts, and completed items with an unshakable nondisclosure arrangement. Our ghostwriting contract also specifies that the completed book is all yours, including all benefits and sovereignties. As professional writers for employment, we cause it our need to guarantee that you feel total responsibility for the book all through the interaction. We’ve composed for the absolute greatest names on the big screen and the business scene and couldn’t imagine anything better than to do a touch of name dropping — however; we will not. Their security, very much like yours, is vital to us.


Our book professional writers and editors can help you edit your duplicates without an issue. Our editors have a sharp eye for detail, and they guarantee each review being delivered is without blunder. Permit us to hoist your original copy through a point-by-point audit by our capable editors. Our professional editors make sure that they don’t miss any grammatical or spelling errors. They also work on the sentence structure and linguistic aspects of the book before finalizing it.

If clients can’t explore and find your book’s site, then, at that point, all your efforts will go in vain. To stay away from that, your site convenience rate should be high. A cunning website architecture will work on ease of use and positioning. In this way, a believable convincing website composition will do for your image’s betterment and request. Throughout, web content management and development to keep up with brand consistency and holding clients’ trust, we give priority to each step.

Content Editing

We convey a class of administrations in composing, planning, and advertising through top-notch research and a significant. With a dream to spread quality data dunked in the shades of imagination, we pour our adoration into each part of our work. With convincing sentence structures and simple to get a handle composing style, we create content that accumulates consideration and captivates the readers.

Editing assists with keeping up with the consistency of the last original copy, getting the typographical and linguistic blunder while looking at the exactness. It requires broad and mindful editing that prompts altering. In front of the book Ghostwriter, we expand our administrations until your most extensive level of satisfaction is reached.

We give specialized and customized editing services to our clients to guarantee the flawlessness and intensive association of the last composition. Altering an original copy isn’t everybody’s favorite. It is like getting your postulation endorsed by experts who dominate doing such. In this way, proficient altering can and ought to be completed simply by a specialist supervisor who is talented and prepared to do so.

Formatting and Publishing

The second you go on to design the whole first page of your book, you will be taken to a different universe. Our expert professional ghostwriters make the reader feel each feeling while at the same time humoring him into the episode like he is a piece of it as well. You get to fabricate a solid network with each person. From the second you reach out to us to the place where we hand you over your likely blockbuster, you make certain to partake in the most significant level of client assistance.

Our professionals ensure that your e-books are formatted and structured in the right way. We don’t only use our creative skills but also look forward to the emerging trends. Along with this, the client’s ideas and needs are always given high priority. All you have to do is connect with our ghostwriters and share your requirements. We’ll take it forward from there and provide a completely and efficiently formatted book. You can get it published then!

Book Trailers and Marketing

When writing a book, the trailers play a vital role. These help in forming the perspectives of readers. Here, our ghostwriters can help you out in setting the basis. Our experts make a knowledgeable substance that shows genuine shades of incredible skill while featuring imagination. We’ve many professional ghostwriters and designers who are devoted to the point of improving the efficiency with our book trailers. Once these are ready, different marketing tactics are applied to promote the book on different platforms.

Trailers can positively be an extremely one-of-a-kind and eye-getting method for definitely standing out and getting the attention that you need for your book. It is the best strategy to advance the accessibility of your book on different platforms. Our professional ghostwriters and advertising group will make short, engaging, and drawing video trailers for your book to raise its mindfulness among the designated crowd. Nothing can be more drawing to the eye than live visuals.

  • Icons and assets will remain the same.

  • Sections without any content will remain the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the ghostwriting project is complete, the client gets the ownership. You get the credit for the work and own the copyrights too. Our ghostwriting agency helps you get your work published but doesn’t take credit for it. That’s why it’s known as ghostwriting.

Yes. We follow transparency and keep our clients updated with the work. If you want to review it, you can always contact our team. This way, you can stay connected and updated with the progress. If required, you can ask for any changes or amendments. You get the best ghostwriters for hire who offer professional ghostwriting services with us. You don’t have to worry about the reviews and updates.
You can always inform our team. All you have to do is choose a package and contact our support team. We will customize the package according to your needs. This way, you can exclude the services you don’t need and pay for what you require.
The concept of ghostwriting is not new. It’s a process of writing any piece of copy and getting it published in someone else’s name. For example, you might be working as a freelancer and writing a post for your client. He will get it published under his name.