Terms and Conditions

Revision Policy

We give update on the service package you chose. Clients can approach us for the agreed-upon free corrections and we will update their plan with no extra charges given that the plan and idea continue as before. Correction Turnaround Time would be 48 hours.

Refund Policy

Regardless, any saved assets for a venture will not be liable to discount after conveyance if the underlying plan ideas are endorsed, or a change is mentioned except if Writing Services Hub drops or ends your Contract for an explanation other than your breach or non-execution.

It is essential for you to go through the refund policy to completely understand our refund procedure.

Any refund request will not be entertained once an order is delivered. Once an order has been initiated and our team has invested their efforts, no refund will be provided. The services we offer are non-refundable, and comes with no warranties, expressed or implied. In case you are not fully satisfied with the quality of service, you may ask for a 50% refund against the paid amount.

We will process the promised 50% refund after verification of the claimed quality concerns. In case you have a special complaint scenario and demand full fee refund, your case will be forwarded to the evaluation committee which will take an impartial decision based upon the facts and evidences.

All deliverables are considered final after the client provides their verbal or written approval. Changes after approval will only be incorporated based on the goodwill between the customer and the company.

Please be notified that 100% refunds will not be catered once an order has been completed and delivered from Writing Services Hub. You may file a partial refund request if ONLY we have your feedback in written communication. If you fail to produce any such communication trail, Writing Services Hub will not entertain any refund claims.

All refund requests will be fulfilled as per the following arrangement:

How to claim your refund

To guarantee your refund demand is endorsed, it would be ideal if you ensure you meet the accompanying prerequisites.

  • Reach out to us

    US:(786) 206 3123

    Uk: 20 4577 2798


  • We will attempt to determine your worry by goodness of our updated policy promptly or probably will email you a refund claim endorsement from our refund department. After the refund, your content rights would be acquired by Writing Services Hub and you would not have the option to show any rendition of the plan sent by organization. Let us likewise determine that:
  • Since the content rights would now be moved to the organization, you concur that you will have no right (direct or indirect) to utilize any reaction or other content, work item or media, nor will you have any proprietorship interest in or to the same.
  • Working as a team with the Government Copyright Agencies, Writing Services Hub would share Copyright Acquisition data for the refunded files that would confine the re-utilization of the files as original ones later on. If you have any inquiries or worries about our Refund Policy, if it's not too much trouble get in touch with us by clicking here support@writingserviceshub.com

Quality Assurance Policy

So as to give you the ideal fulfillment, our writers don't diverge from the determinations communicated by you in the request form. The content is made after an extensive research which assures creative genuineness in accordance with the client’s specifications

Domain and Hosting

Domain and hosting will be given for free as per website service package or mutually agreed by us and the customer in writing. All the email accounts provided with website bundles can be configured on third party email softwares such as outlook. Each email account will have 10MB of space. In the event you are not hosting your website with us, we will not provide email accounts. There is no refund for the hosting, domain or email server package.

Customer Support

We offer 24-Hour Customer Support to address your inquiries and concerns. You can reach us any time and we assure to respond timely.

Communication Policy

You concur that Writing Services Hub is not accountable for any correspondence from email address (es) other than the ones followed by our own domain i.e. "..@writingserviceshub.com". Furthermore, should the client receive any claims under our brand name from an email address or any other medium that is not on our domain or website, it is their sole responsibility to inform us immediately. Writing Services Hub would not be responsible in case of any misplacement or misuse of the shared information in the aforementioned circumstance.

Access to Information

To get to Writing Services Hub services you might be approached to give certain enrollment details or other data. By giving consents to these terms and conditions, you therefore recognize that all the data provided by you will be right, current, and complete. In the event that Writing Services Hub considers that the data that you have given isn't right, current, or complete, Writing Services Hub has the option to deny your admittance to any services or any of its resources, and to end or suspend your record whenever. Furthermore, Writing Services Hub should also be consented to use the provided information for various marketing purposes by our Company and our related brands.


The Company will help the Client with the coordination of 3rd party plugins and APIs however any 3rd party combination needed to help with the usefulness of the site will be STRICTLY standard. The Company won't have anything to do with 3rd party dealings during the advancement of this project. All extra work will require a different fee arrangement. The Company will also not be responsible in case of any delays caused by any 3rd party such as Google’s services, Hosting service providers, AWS, Google Playstore, App Store, etc.