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Writing Services Hub offers top-class online book publishing services with our print-on-demand network. Our speedy services allow you to print and sell ebooks directly to readers. So don’t freak out if you’re a first-time author or a seasoned one. We are here to help you!

How Our Online Book Publishing Services Have Made Publishing Easy

Today, E-books make up around 50% of all the books sold worldwide with self-published books forming up a major part of e-book sales. If you want to compose an ebook, just make a request and leave the rest to us.Writing Services Hub is a reputable digital marketing agency offering online book publishing services. We offer everything you need to make, promote, and sell your ebook. We focus on writing, designing, and formatting as a book publisher. So, connect with our professional book publisher team and get ready to publish your own book online right away. We will help you become a successful self-book publisher with our competitive and outstanding book publishing online services.

Bring Your Thoughts To Life With Our Online Publishing Services

Book Writing and Publishing

With us, you can achieve hassle-free services so that you can get your book written and published the easiest way. With Writing Services Hub, you’ll receive the best online book publishing services. We ensure that your book has the desired reach and impact it deserves.


Our team of professionals executes a full copy edit as a part of quality assurance. They proofread the drafts and catch and remove all the spelling and grammar errors. So, we ensure error-free self-book publishing services. We are available to listen, write, edit, and publish your ideas.

Book Covers and Illustrations

Our e-book covers are extremely unique and one of a kind. Our designers create some samples according to the book’s nature and content. All you have to do is select a design and let us know.
Our illustrations are creative and easily grab the attention of the readers. One of the most important parts of the book contributes to its success. So, our professionals design book covers and illustrations to stand out visually, reflecting the book’s content.

Formatting and Editing

Our book publishing services include formatting and editing. Publishing a book is a challenging task that involves the author’s energy. We know by the end of the draft, they’re drained. Hence, we are available to take the extra work from you. Allow us to format and edit your draft to turn it into a published book.


Our ideal book publishing process is best for book publishers. We specialize in different genres, formats, and publishing platforms. If you’ve decided to self-publish, our agency can offer services according to the specific needs of your book. The e-book is published on all the best platforms that help achieve the desired visibility and attention.

Book Trailers and Marketing

Do you want a movie-quality trailer for your ebook? We can make that happen!
Using a video and illustration to publish your own book online, we can make it interesting. It will set a mood and produce emotions in the readers. Check out our book trailer and marketing packages. All these are customized according to the needs and subject of your book.


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WSH Online Publishing Services Is Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Publishing Needs

Writing Services Hub is known for its unmatched book writing and publishing services. But what makes us stand out is our team that considers all your needs and delivers nothing less than best.

Want to know how? Take a look at our offerings.

On-Time and In-Budget

With the Writing Services Hub, you can achieve book publishing within your budget. As you embark on an incredible journey as a self-book publisher, we want to make the path memorable for you. Our professions are continuously available to serve you the right way. We believe in satisfaction and always value time. Once you place your order and choose your package, we start working on your ebook. Our experts are available round the clock to ensure timely deliveries of all our online book publishing services.

We have a team of experienced writing executives who can work on almost every niche. They use their expertise and time to deliver quality self-book publishing services. Our top-notch team includes many aspiring writers who deliver quality content. You can trust our customized services as we create a publishing plan and implement it within the expected time. If there’s anything urgent, you can contact our team.

Professional Ghostwriting

Whether you own a business or are working as a blogger or a creative author, you can avail our professional ghostwriting services. We have a team of ghostwriting professionals with proven experience in managing online book publishing services and writing the best-selling books online. Our team is available to ensure the most excellent books are delivered within a deadline. We give you the authority to publish the content with your name with ghostwriting. You own it!

At Writing Services Hub, we provide 100% original content with 0% plagiarism. Along with writing and editing, we also manage the layout and designs most creatively. Our extensive services ensure the professional delivery of content as we work to achieve excellence in every piece of content we develop. With our ghostwriting services, you can impress the world with your vision. Take the first step and get in touch with us. We can help you achieve your dream of becoming a successful published author.

Subject Matter Experts

Writing Services Hub is a one-stop solution for all your online book publishing services. For the past years, we have been recruiting subject matter experts. Thus, we have a team of experienced writers who work professionally around the clock and specialize in different industries. Our team is capable of catering to all the challenging requirements while producing original content. With expertise in every niche, we have been able to serve clients from different backgrounds.

Sign up with our firm and share your ideas and content. From outline creation to the final publishing, we can handle every step. All you have to do is choose a package and share your needs with our team. We will design and publish your content accordingly. The subject matter experts handle each publishing case themselves. Thus, they utilize their expertise and experience in managing your ebook professionally. So, publish a book with us and achieve the desired outcomes.


Our self-publishing book services include copy editing, proofreading, formatting, designing the book covers, printing and binding, and promotion and marketing. So, all the self-published authors can contact us for cover design, content, and distribution of their books. These days, there are hundreds of publishing companies. You have to find a reputable and credible firm that can smoothly help you go through the process. Choosing us would be perfect as our process is simple, and we also deliver excellence with quick turnarounds. We can make publishing an ebook easier for you. Get it done in a short span!

At this point, you must know that self-publishing agencies are different from publishing ones. Both transform the draft into a book, but their publishing model is different. A self-publishing agency has a transparent process that involves the author (client) during the entire book production and publishing process. Also, the self-publishing companies do not demand ongoing book royalties. We take a one-time fee!

Book Marketing

Our marketing support experts are available throughout the process. They don’t only devise a marketing strategy for the business but also guarantee maximum exposure. For all the self-book publishers, we aim to achieve higher sales. Being a part of the industry for this long, the Writing Services Hub provides credible publish your own book online services. We assist in marketing your book in the best way on different platforms.

We don’t overcharge or over-promise. We deliver what our clients expect by utilizing our expertise in the best way. With Writing Services Hub, you can achieve unrivaled marketing efforts to ensure the global distribution of your online books. Our technical platform facilitates the writers to produce and distribute. Once you have produced the content, you can share it with our experts. They will not only finalize it by removing errors and managing the formatting and presentation of the book but will also integrate effective marketing tactics to achieve the desired reach.

Ebook Publishing

At Writing Services Hub, our professional team of writers is available to edit, format, proofread, and publish your ebook. We transform your drafts professionally according to the guidelines and eliminate all the errors before finalizing. With us, you can publish your book on different platforms, including Amazon and all other major retailers.

Our team will take care of all the nuances from the beginning to the end. We believe that book publishing takes a lot of time and effort, which shows. So, don’t panic. We can walk you through the process while guaranteeing maximum exposure to your book. Our services are quick and easy to use, enabling you to publish your book online and sell it directly to millions of readers.

Magazine Publishing

The Writing Services Hub is a digital agency that offers writing and publishing services to our clients. So, whether you want to publish an existing magazine or start a new one, we can offer the best magazine publishing services. We have all the resources for publication. We don’t only offer a publication platform but also design and organize the digital content beautifully. It provides the foundation for revenue as the designs and presentation benefit in attracting an audience. We have a team of magazine digital strategy consultants that look after your specific niche and needs. We are always available to identify ways to improve your revenues and sales using strategic online marketing processes.

Our publication website designers work alongside the editorial designer to offer a unique experience to the audience. Also, our services include optimization of the current CMS by working on the modern new web systems. Our team is aware of the modern digital magazine editions. Hence, all the content is designed and formatted accordingly to maintain the advanced business model.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. With our online book publishing services, you own the rights to the book. However, our publishing company’s name will appear on the book. It’s a part of the process. You can always discuss this with the team to find out more information before making up your mind.

For this, you can avail our ebook design services. These are specifically designed according to the nature and subject of your book. We have a dedicated team of designers that work with clients to design book covers. Along with this, we also offer book trailers and illustrations. Contact us now and check out the different formats available for book publishing. We make sure that the format meets the guidelines and can make it easier to connect with the audience.
No, book marketing is not included in our publishing package. You’ll have to avail this separately. We have a book marketing service that ensures promotion on different platforms. You can visit our website or connect with our representative for more details. We are always available to serve you in the best way meeting your deadlines and demands.
Yes. Writing Services Hub has a dedicated and professional team that offers self-publishing services. We have a platform to produce, edit, finalize, and market e-books. You can contact us and avail our customized packages. All our online book publishing services are designed specifically to meet the demands of both first-time and experienced writers.