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We at Writing Services Hub understand the value of a good copy. It can take your business to explore new heights of success, but it requires research, expertise, and time to produce one. We have professionals from all industries who will help you increase your numbers to attain your ultimate marketing goals while also focusing on creating a powerful brand voice.

A Copywriting Agency That Brings Success To Your DoorStep

We are a copywriting company with a team of professional writers who know the art of different copywriting styles and industries. Our copywriters strive to create value for you and your customers using words that derive results. Our content and copywriting services are tailored to your needs.

Writing Services Hub Provides Different Copywriting Services

Web Copywriting Services

Our web copywriting services provide engaging and performing copy for product pages, landing pages, blogs, and everything in between. A good copy is compelling and engages the visitor in a way that helps you derive your desired actions from them that are also important to them.

Ad Copywriting Services

We also offer ad copywriting services, a type of sales letter with a specific goal. It allows you to answer prospects’ potential objections while also enlisting the key features and benefits they will get if they make the purchase that your ad copy is pitching. It is tricky, and amateurs may find it difficult, but not our professional copywriters.

SEO Copywriting Services

SEO copywriting differs from SEO content writing in the sense that the latter is all about generating organic traffic while copywriting is used to prompt action. For example, if you are writing a copy for a PPC ad, you must use the targeted keywords to help you appear at the top, but you also need to prompt action in the form of clicks to that ad.

Email Copywriting Services

Email copywriting includes everything in a marketing email, from subtext to pretext and body. The KPIs for a performing email are a higher open rate and action on the CTA placed inside the email. Expert copywriters spend a lot of time developing enticing subject lines, engaging body text, and effective CTA placements to achieve these goals.

Social Media Copywriting Services

Any marketing strategy without a plan to win the social media audience is incompetent in today's time. Social media copywriting allows businesses to produce attractive social media blog posts to derive sales by conveying the message in a concise but convincing way.

B2B SaaS Copywriting

B2B SaaS copywriting is all about creating copy that aids in generating free trial signups and demo requests for the software as a service for business-to-business sales. It can be achieved through emails, landing pages, website pages, etc.


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We Offer Copywriting to All Industries

Creative Copywriting

Creative copywriting is slightly different from copywriting. The creative element makes the copywriter more independent, allowing them to explore new horizons. They can write whatever they want as long as the set goal is achieved. The key job here is to keep the reader interested in their writing. Businesses and brands acquire this service to create a unique voice of their own and connect with the customers in a more virtually effective way. A brand with a voice has the power to create loyal fans that are ready to defend the brand unconditionally over social media debates. For example, Apple’s iPhones have created a brand voice of their own, which is very powerful. Its followers are often involved in banter with Android users over different forums, social media, and even outside the digital world. They love the iPhone for what it promised and delivered, and creative copywriters create that lasting impact.

Ad Copywriting

Ad copywriting has a very specific goal to make the reader take action. This action is typically directed towards generating a sale. It is written like a sales letter, with the same flow for almost all ad copies. The copywriter first hits the reader's pain points to make them realize that there is a problem and how it is making their life difficult—compelling them to come to the realization that they need a serious solution to the problem. Then they introduce your product/service as a life-changing solution. However, ad copywriters also need to address the challenges since multiple objections come into prospects’ minds when they are in the process of making a buying decision. Address all the possible opposition they can come across and swiftly lead them towards the benefits that make your product better than the rest. Finally, place your CTAs intelligently to help derive actions. An ad copy is not just any copy; it is a complete journey that takes the reader to many highs and lows to stimulate the action you desire.

Email Copywriting

You spent a lot of time and money to get a relevant mailing list that can convert easily, but now what? Will sending out random emails will convert them? Certainly not. People receive hundreds of emails daily from different brands, and with so much exposure to content, they become numb and don’t even bother to open the emails. To deal with this, email copywriting comes to the rescue. An email copywriter is trained to produce subject lines that will entice subscribers to open the email. However, the job never ends here since it is just one small victory. To achieve your end goal, you need a strong, compelling body text to persuade them to read and take action. It takes rigorous testing to come up with a performing email. Copywriters work around the challenge by producing several email sequences and sending them to different groups to test which headline or body works.

SEO Copywriting

Before moving forward with SEO copywriting, you must first understand that an SEO copywriter is not an SEO specialist or a copywriter. It is a whole different genre with the best of both worlds. The writer must understand the search trends, research, and select targeted keywords to produce a copy that aligns with the Google guidelines. Hence, it shows up in SERPs, generates organic traffic, and converts that traffic into sales. Note that SEO copywriting does not answer the concern of businesses whether they should focus on content or copy. Businesses require content for their long-term strategy to build authority. Copywriting is used to achieve short-term advertisement goals. SEO copywriting is used mostly to help your paid ads perform better. One strategy cannot replace the other, and you require a well-thought-off plan in place to achieve your overall marketing and sales goals by using the mix of all three.

Direct Response Copywriting

Conversely, direct response copywriting is about captivating the readers’ attention so that they are convinced when they reach the copy’s end and make the purchase immediately. For example, you come across an ad that entails all the benefits and emphasizes that you should make the purchase immediately because the discount is for the first hundred customers only or a certain period only. Hence, you purchase even if you do not need the product because you don’t want to lose the discount. Yes, FOMO (fear of missing out) is the key ingredient in direct response copy as it creates a sense of urgency to generate the desired action instantly. These copywriters are experts in using human psychology to their advantage and often use powerful words in their copy. If you are looking for a direct response copywriter, WSH’s professional copywriters can help you.

Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting is also known as ‘content for the web’. As its name suggests, it involves all the copywriting that goes on to a website including landing pages, product pages, blog posts, and homepage. A website content copywriter is responsible for creating content consumed by the online audience on different devices, laptops, desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. Hence, it needs to be optimized properly for all audiences to leverage. Moreover, a high-performing web copy uses irresistible headlines using the 4 Us, i.e., it creates urgency, emphasizes the usefulness, is unique and ultra-specific. Secondly, it uses a body structure that does not overwhelm the reader, compels them to read until the end, and stimulates them to take action. Achieving all this is not as easy as it sounds. Only copywriters with extensive experience in your industry can make it work. Therefore, hire only the best.

Landing Page Copywriting

It may seem smart to have a simple landing page for all your offers, but in reality, it is the worst thing you can do to hurt your marketing goals. Landing page copywriting is important for businesses because each offer has a different prospect. To make them convert, you need to use a tone they connect with and share social proof, i.e., relevant to them. You may have a stellar offer and perfectly optimized PPC ads, but if your landing page is not good, your business is bound to suffer. A great landing page utilizes subheadings to share more information about the offer, use bullets for the benefits they will get, add call-to-actions and testimonials. Also, make sure to keep your landing page copy concise, minimalist and don’t forget to add trust signals (e.g., endorsements).

Social Media Copywriting

Facebook and Instagram alone have around 5 billion active users; the preceding has 2.89 billion, and Instagram has around 2 billion active users. With these impressive stats, it is impossible for any business to ignore the opportunity social media platforms present to connect with potential customers. Hence, the demand for social media copywriting has increased ten folds. Businesses require these services to build a unique brand voice, create social media posts that entice the reader to take action, and advertise different products and services in a convincing tone to generate sales. Of course, having a social presence is optimal, and content writing does fine for this purpose. However, social media copywriting services are required to leverage the most of it in achieving short-term marketing objectives.


Frequently Asked Questions

Any business with an aim for sustainable growth needs a copywriter. A copywriter will help you create copies that convert leads to increase sales. For any marketing campaign with a goal to prompt action, copywriting service is the backbone.

If you want to change the brief, get in touch with your account manager at the earliest to figure out a possibility. Since in most cases, our team starts working as soon as a project brief comes in.
Hence, it is impossible to redo the work if our team has already started working on your project. However, if the work is not started, we may agree to a change in the brief.
Please note that extra charges may apply if our team is required to redo any amount of work based on brief changes.

Our usual TAT is 24-48 hours. However, the timelines vary for different projects. Your account manager will communicate the timeline for your project based on the number of words or pages and the amount of research required. Any possible delays will be communicated beforehand.

Content writing is all about generating organic traffic by effectively utilizing targeted keywords to match users' search intent. On the flip side, copywriting aims at stimulating the traffic to take your desired action. This action can be, subscribing to your mailing list, purchasing your product, or downloading a free eBook. It can be anything that can help your business.
WSH offers professional copywriting services to all industries. Some of the names are tech startups, eCommerce, restaurants, hospitality businesses, travel, and tourism, health, and pharmaceuticals, finance, and investment companies, realtors, cosmetic brands, the fashion industry, and so on.
To every order we deliver, the client owns 100% ownership. We provide online copywriting services to businesses struggling to convert as fast as they expect without strings attached to it. And we only strive to make the entire process smooth and worthwhile for you.
B2B is about dealing with businesses. Hence, all B2B copywriting is about persuading businesses to buy your product or service. Unlike B2C, it enables you to generate a bigger number of sales since businesses have higher budgets assigned to their business needs. For example, software companies that develop or sell tools such as HRM systems require copywriting services.