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Writing Services Hub has served hundreds of businesses and delivered thousands of top-quality content writing projects. We take pride in helping businesses achieve success and growth to build brand credibility and authority. Consequently, they are able to form trustable and sustainable relations with their audience. The moment you take us on board, we treat the project as our own to provide you with a superior experience.

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We are a content writing company with a team of professional content writers. Every writer we have is an industry maven with extensive experience and an urge to create value for the client we work for. We help you grow!

We Offer Wide Range Of Content Writing Services

Website Content Writing

Website content writing is important for every website regardless of the industry or business type. You have a website that’s easily accessible to your potential clients. But without the right kind of content, it is pretty much redundant. Although people use search engines to find solutions available on the web, it shows only the web pages with relevant and properly optimized content.

Landing Page Content Writing

A landing page is any page on your website that the user lands. The page has one clear purpose which is usually to follow up on any kind of claim that a marketer makes in the content. It’s not to be confused with a homepage. The ideal length is 500 words. Our landing page content can help you drive more qualified leads.

SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing is a service that all businesses with an online existence should use to generate more organic traffic to their websites. It requires the writer to perform extensive keyword research and incorporate the targeted keywords to send Google clear signals about the web page to appear on the SERPs. We have subject matter experts who write all industry-specific content, including SaaS, ecommerce, educational, fashion, financial, law firm and etc.

Ad Content Writing

We also provide ad content writing services to help you advertise your products, services, or anything you ask for. Besides, it includes writing content for banners or posters aiming to inform the readers about an upcoming concert or event.


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We Offer Content Writing Services for All Industries

Fashion Content Writing

We have fashion industry experts who provide a clear description of your outfits, designs, styles, jewelry, makeup footwear, and other fashion accessories. They are the mavens with knowledge about the latest fashion industry trends.  This edge allows them to serve as a fashion coach and suggest and critique accordingly. In addition, they produce SEO-optimized content to generate organic traffic for your online shop through targeted keyword optimization, articles having solutions to customers’ fashion-related concerns, and creating interesting social media posts. Also, fashion content writing involves writing scripts for podcasts and videos that are with reference to your brand’s image and tone, interviews featuring various celebrities that your target audience follow, styles guides to show how to wear something, or other stuff like memes and short videos to increase the overall brand reach, engagement, and connectivity.

Financial Content Writing

We also provide financial content writing services that help finance companies to increase their reach, create credibility and authority among prospects looking for better financing and investments services. Finance companies that produce and publish at least 16 blogs monthly get 3.5 times more traffic than their competitors. Moreover, focusing on content writing can help you generate 3x more traffic than companies not using it. Since people are more precautious when getting investment and finance related services, it becomes more important for finance companies to have a well-thought-of content marketing strategy in place to increase their trust level. And publishing regular blogs educating the prospects is a good starting point as it creates relationships with the visitors and paves the way for converting those visitors into sales. To leverage the most from content writing benefits, you need to create a social media calendar and website calendar to publish content to boost your business presence regularly. Finance can be boring, but our professional content writers know how to deliver your desired information without making the reader doze off.

Real Estate Content Writing

Real estate content writing may become a challenge for amateurs but not for the professional real estate writers for hire working at WSH! A result-oriented content strategy demands the writer to create content majorly for the business website and YouTube, as these channels can benefit your real estate business more than other platforms. For your website to reflect authority, you need a brand story that entails why the buyer can trust you, what expertise your team has, and how your firm started and sustained in the industry. Social proof or real customer stories also help convince your customers; they can come under the testimonial section. It is better to use your customers’ real names after their consent. In addition, you can include property news, tips to help the buyer’s purchasing process and taking the right decision, etc. On the YouTube channel, you can share virtual property tours, post staff member interviews, and give an idea about the neighborhood.

Health & Fitness Content Writing

We also provide health and fitness content writing services. Writing about health-related topics is not a job for beginners who are without a formal degree or experience in the healthcare sector. We cater to these write-ups with responsibility and ensure that our writers' created content is based on medical science research, facts referenced with credible sources. Our fitness writers are masters of flexing their content muscles to help you stand out tall and come off as an authority in the fitness industry. Whether you want to establish trust for your healthcare brand or fitness blog, good content can assist you. Sharing content with fluff may confuse the reader, and no facts can make the reader question your reliability. Guides are the key elements in creating authority in the health and fitness industry.

Educational Content Writing

Google has made content king that rules every industry since it gets 63,000 search queries per second, adding 5.6 billion searches daily by people from different demographics. The Google SERPs show content you publish on your website if relevant and aligns with the search intent. Hence, educational content writing is also a thing. We have expert writers with mastery in diverse subjects who produce content to guide students and instructors both. We fundamentally cater to our educational sector clients by sticking to the already available academic resources such as curriculum books and credible research publications like Sage or Emerald. Since it is a broad sector with vast segregation, the opportunity for educational and eLearning platforms to get better reach and boost engagement is also high with the help of well-researched content pieces.

Travel Content Writing

Travel content writing includes books like John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley, which depict his experience on the road trip he went on with his dog. Other examples include blogs with how-to guides that inform the reader about the concerns they have or might face while traveling. For example, answering ‘how to get cheap flight tickets’, ‘book a hotel room easily’, ‘what essentials to pack’, etc., or creating blogs sharing the travel experience and images with the audience. To put it simply, it is everything related to traveling and tourism. Generally, travel agencies hire traveling experts to help them create an online presence; however, they are also hired to write books and eBooks. The content available on the web helps travelers educate themselves about the place, weather, and other stuff to ensure their visit remains trouble-free.

Law Firm Content Writing

Law firm content writing is related to the legal stuff mainly acquired by law firms and lawyers with their official websites. The service includes advising you about your legal firm’s website structure to help you effectively convey your authority, reliability, and credibility to the visitors. Moreover, it contains writing legal advice blogs related to different problems to educate the reader, answering concerns, and discussing a legal way around laws and regulations. Besides, it also involves writing legal documentations for the lawyers. You can also hire a legal content writer to write an eBook or Book. We are here to help you if you need high-quality content or copywriting to fix, promote or settle your legal work.

Ecommerce Content Writing

On the other hand, Ecommerce content writing services help businesses sell online. Ecommerce is a diverse industry with a website selling different niches of products ranging from laptops to cosmetics, apparel to automobiles, stationery to home appliances, and so much more. A comprehensive and optimized product description is a lifeline for any online business because you will not get any relevant traffic on your product pages without it. And the good thing is WSF offers content writing services to all types of Ecommerce businesses to help them increase their reach to generate a targeted audience so that they have a higher chance at converting the traffic they receive into customers.

These are just a few of the industries that we cater to. If you don’t find your industry in it does not mean that we don’t provide service to it. Feel free to contact our team to discuss your project.


Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you don’t have much knowledge about how the content writing process works, you can still evaluate the content writing service based on the factors such as portfolio, experience, and company’s profile.

The cost to hire writers varies, depending upon your project’s requirements.
Since every write-up is unique, it is unfair to put a standardized price tag on different types. Hence, to deliver our superior client quality at a reasonable price, we charge you based on the type of content writing service you expect from us.
You are required to pay in advance for all your content writing orders.
You will have copyrights for your content writing order. We are just the facilitators helping you achieve your business goals with our expert content writing services.
A well-written website content that is properly optimized can help the website rank higher in the Google SERPs to generate organic traffic to it. Google entertains 92% of all search queries globally. So, if you want to benefit from it, you need to have content over your website that Google’s algorithm can easily crawl and align against searchers’ search intent.
Our professional writers for hire from all industries use their experience as a springboard to create unique content for each client based on the client's business offerings, targeted audience, and defined objectives.
Since we strive to produce high quality content, we have expert writers with an ingrained urge to make every piece perform. Therefore, our content writers follow the SOPs strictly.