How to Write Successful YouTube Description That Converts?

With more than 2.3 billion users every month, YouTube has become the second largest search engine. As a result, it’s undeniably one of the most powerful channels used for marketing efforts. However, if it’s not a part of your current marketing strategy, you are missing some great opportunities.

It is a fact that businesses are widely choosing Facebook over YouTube. The Hub Spot Academy also realized its importance in the latter half of 2018 and realized they were losing major traffic by not using YouTube. So, the integration of YouTube helped them increase subscribers by 25% within two months.

Marketing experts recommend using YouTube to enhance the visibility of your brand. In addition, effective and catchy YouTube descriptions can help in optimizing your channel and content. It also increases the conversion rate. First, however, it’s essential to learn how taking advantage of YouTube works in favor of your brand.

If you are a marketer or intend to take advantage of social media marketing, it’s better to learn how to write eye-grabbing YouTube descriptions. However, in case you lack creative skills, hire professionals. They will also provide proofreading and editing services to ensure your content and descriptions are on point.

What is a YouTube Description?

Before you start focusing on how to use YouTube descriptions, you need to learn what it is.

Despite the advantage that YouTube can provide, only 9% of small businesses in the United States use it to reach their audience. Nonetheless, it’s the right time to enter the world of YouTube marketing.

To compete and grow, you need to take advantage of the tools that can help in targeting the right audience. All your efforts count. Therefore, the effective use of YouTube descriptions can help in getting more views. It leads to higher visibility.

If you want your videos to get the proper attention, you need to write catchy and interesting YouTube descriptions. These play an influential role in attaining your marketing goals. In addition, the tags, titles, and captions facilitate the management of your video ranking.

Many channels leave out the YouTube descriptions as it’s not mandatory. As a result, they don’t realize the potential gains from a well-written YouTube description.

Two Types of YouTube Descriptions

Mainly, two kinds of YouTube descriptions have been recognized:

1. Channel Descriptions

It comes under the ‘About’ section of the channel in the YouTube description. It provides visitors with information about your channel or brand.

The channel descriptions don’t easily grab the desired attention. It’s a brief outline of the content. Also, it informs the viewers of what they should expect from the brand. It can be a few lines or a section.

The digital marketing era has brought significant changes in the marketing targets. Businesses that fail to utilize different mediums efficiently fail to attract and influence their target audience.

2. Video Descriptions

On YouTube, the video descriptions come below your videos. The little text makes it easier for the viewers to find and watch your content. In addition, it reflects the worth of your content.

Paying a bit more attention to the YouTube descriptions can boost the SEO and subscriptions of your channel. It can also enhance the watch time and increase the number of view counts.

Points to Consider When Writing YouTube Descriptions

The simplicity of YouTube has led to its success and popularity over the years. It makes it easier for content creators to share their content. Also, it provides the opportunity to connect with a larger audience.

The statistics from 2021 prove that YouTube has more active users than Facebook. It has also grown into the second-most prevalent search engine after Google.

Fascinatingly, audiences watch over 1 billion hours of videos every day on the platform.

For good YouTube descriptions, you can hire professional writing services from leading service providers such as Writing Services Hub. Moreover, we offer a variety of content writing packages that can help your brand stand out.

Follow these points to keep your YouTube descriptions interesting:

1.  Use The Right Keywords

Remember, to maximize search traffic; you need to add 1 to 2 keywords in your YouTube descriptions and title. This is because it enhances the chances of ranking in the potential search results. Hence, repeat keywords but avoid keyword stuffing.

Moreover, the YouTube algorithm emphasizes effective descriptions. Using it wisely not only improves reach but also leads to higher chances of conversion. For the keywords, you can use Google Trends and Keyword Planner.

2.  Make it Clear For The Audience What to Expect

The YouTube description should clearly state what the content is about. Any misrepresentation can mislead your viewers. It not only affects the search rankings but also harms your reputation.

Whether running a business or promoting unique content, every YouTube video must have a clear description.

Avoid irrelevant keywords or any click-bait titles. YouTube’s search algorithm is smart enough to catch them.

3.  Keep the Necessary Information Front Loaded

When writing a YouTube description, start with a compelling summary. It’s essential to use the top keywords.

Why is it necessary? It’s because of the YouTube algorithm that prioritizes the beginning of your description.

Focus on the first 125 characters of the description. Always give it a priority. It’s an old approach that ensures that the most important facts are stated first.

Here, you also need to highlight the types of videos you publish. It motivates the users to subscribe and look forward to more content.

4.  Use Good Templates

On the web, you can easily find some compelling YouTube description templates. Use these to improve your ranking in search. It also benefits in organizing content and providing context to the viewers.

It’s better to choose a template that matches your needs or your brand. Good formatting is always beneficial. 

5.   Include a Call-to-Action

You don’t want to miss the outstanding opportunity to increase engagement and ensure conversion by not including a CTA in your YouTube description. Always keep your audience in mind while adding this part to the description. Or else, you can miss the chance to influence them appropriately.

For example, ask users to subscribe to the channel or turn on notifications to stay updated. You can also ask them to share content on their networks.

A Good YouTube Description

A well-written YouTube description delivers users with a perfect impression of what to expect from the content. You can also add appropriate links or any supplementary information in this part. Thus, it acts as a summary.

Today, video marketing is a big business. The success of YouTube content not only relies on video and audio but also on the title and description. To make it easier for the video to be found, you need a good YouTube description.

Overall, these descriptions lead to generating higher organic traffic. Hence, these contribute to higher conversions. You can also add relevant links or hashtags in the YouTube description.

These are beneficial in the context of marketing on social media platforms. Additionally, it increases the reach.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that a good YouTube description can help achieve the purpose of the video content.

We all know that the creation of YouTube videos is tricky. It requires creativity. Hence, you have to brainstorm. Also, you need to learn the use of the right keywords, templates, and proofreading and editing.

To save time, you can hire professionals for content writing and social media marketing. It’s essential to give priority to the YouTube description box.

Fill it with relevant information that highlights the significance of the content. Don’t miss this opportunity to influence the target audience and enhance overall conversions.