How to Write a Press Release for a New Product in 6 Simple Steps

A press release is an excellent strategy for developing and maintaining public relations. It's a short and compelling story presented by public relations experts. Once written, the press release is shared with the targeted audience in the media.

Mainly, a press release is based on attracting and gaining the attention of the media or journalists. Thus, it consists of relevant and valuable information that allows journalists to make their stories.

Business professionals believe that a press release is a brief that includes printed statements outlining the major facts about an event or a story. The story is then presented in a journalistic approach.

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We all know that people have great control over how, when, and where they consume knowledge and information these days. As a result, the idea of public relations has transformed. It's no longer about feeding the news cycle. Instead, it's more about sharing relevant content to influence the target audience and ensure that customers consume it.

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Now let's read on to find out how a press release for a new product is written.

What is a Product Launch Press Release?

A press release can be for a product launch, a news release, or any other event. Typically, a press release is linked with the business.

If you're thinking of launching a new product, it's necessary to make an announcement. A press release for a new product must sound exciting to influence the target audience in the right way. It's more about making the launch newsworthy by highlighting the features and benefits.

In this type of document, you don't just state the product's attributes. You can also talk about the advantages and value it offers, which can differentiate the product and help the brand stand out.

Overall, a press release is an official announcement, which helps generate publicity and gain attention. Therefore, it's necessary to draft the press release for a new product in the right way. Don't miss the opportunity to personalize it perfectly to meet the company goals.

The press release for a new product is used as a promotional tactic to increase awareness. However, before pitching anything, ensure that the product is worth being in the news.

For example, how is it different from other brands and products? Also, what innovative ideas have been used for its manufacturing? What does the product or service offer that is different than other similar products available in the market?

You need a press release for the following reasons:

  • Company announcement
  • Product announcement
  • Initiative announcement
  • Employee announcement
  • Honors or awards
  • Research results

Hence, before preparing a press release, consider who cares about this information and who you want to target. Moreover, you can check the press release examples available on the internet. For instance, look for the announcement of Xbox 360 by Microsoft and the Siemens body temperature solution announcement by Siemens. It's a great sample to keep in mind.

How to Write a Press Release for a New Product Launch?

You can tell that the launch of a new product was successful when it got published in the news. To meet this goal, you need to grab the attention of the journalists and media persons. It will help increase the visibility and prominence of your product.

We have seen businesses worrying about writing a press release for a new product launch. Well, it's not very different from the other types of press releases. However, throughout, you need to focus on the following points:

  • Follow a standard press release format
  • Choose your pitch and tone while keeping the journalists and bloggers as your target audience
  • Focus on establishing a human connection with the target audience

Here are ways to write a press release for a new product:

1.Standard Format

A press release is a great source of communication, and it helps grab attention. However, there are some fundamental components of the new product press release that you cannot afford to miss. These include:

  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • Add a brief story that answers the what, how, when, why, and who questions
  • Include a dateline, which ensures that the information is up-to-date
  • Write a body that consists of a brief elaboration of the newsworthy information about your new product: then include the secondary details about its benefits
  • Don't miss company details in your new product press release. A small paragraph about your company's information can help explain the nature of your business to the journalists.

Overall, the standard format requires that the press release be drafted on the company letterhead. Also, the words' Press Release' should be mentioned in the top left corner of the page. If it's for immediate release, that should also be mentioned.

2.Include Hi-resolution Assets

In this era of technology and digitalization, one multimedia press release can achieve up to 9.7 times as many views compared to the attention received via text.

The professional press release writers and marketing experts recently highlighted the need to include images in the press release. It increases the overall probability of gaining attention.

So, when writing a press release for a new product, include the following:

  • A logo
  • A video
  • Hi-resolution graphics
  • Social media posts or tweets

The multimedia approach is most beneficial when writing a press release for a new product launch. Through this, you can present a visually great-looking story. In addition, it will help give a clear and immediate idea of what you're trying to convey.

3.Organize the Information

Start with a headline. It should be catchy and engaging. When writing a press release for a new product, you need to make it interesting. It affects the success of your product. Hence, use some creative ideas to make it engaging. The key is to keep it short and simple. Also, use some action verbs and avoid jargon or complex terms.

The business experts state that it's best to use the inverted pyramid technique for press releases. First, there must be at least two quotes, one from a person in the organization and one from a third party. It can be anyone, an attendee at the event, a volunteer, or a customer.

Moreover, the end of the press release body for a new product must include a boilerplate. It includes data about the firm, similar to the About Us section present on its website. Ideally, it's essential to keep the press release formal and concise. It shouldn't be more than a page. If it is, split it into paragraphs.

If you want to learn more about the best way to organize information in the press release for a new product, go through the Apple Watch press release as a sample. The whole idea is to ensure that your product can address a real problem and offer the desired solutions.

4.Convey the News

Don't wait for the later parts; share the news in the first paragraph. You must know that journalists are always pressing for time. Therefore, they need reports and releases that include the answers to the 5Ws (why, where, who, what, and when), also, how the overall new product launch and development was planned.

Putting the valuable information in the first paragraph saves the reporters' time. Make it as informative as possible. For example, the press release for a new product launch must include the details of the product, its benefits, when it is accessible, and for whom it is designed.

5.Manage Timings

Managing the press release time for a new product is one of the most important aspects. Most of these are available for immediate release. Hence, it should be mentioned when shared with the journalists. The concept of immediate release is that anyone can share the information as soon as it is made public.

When you write a press release for a new product, it's an announcement. Hence, it must be shared before the product launch. It helps create awareness and creates hype for the brand or new product. Making the press release go public at the right time can help hit the right audience.

A press release can be distributed on a weekly or monthly basis. Through this, you can raise awareness of an upcoming event or share information about the new product release or any emerging trend. Overall, it's about including information that might interest the target audience.

6.Provide Supporting Information

When writing a press release for a new product, don't forget to share supporting information. It might include the research details (facts), statistics, testimonials, and quotes. All this adds credibility and validity to the press release.

Additionally, if your company has any previous success stories, you can use them. For example, the highest selling products with good customer reviews can form the basis of the new product launch.

3 Tips to Write the Perfect Product Press Release to Get your Product Seen

Today, PR is not only about building relationships. Instead, it's more focused on availing yourself of the opportunity to generate buzz rather than waiting for new arenas.

Thus, the businesses are required to transform their PR strategy into an inbound one, which allows you to create prospects and carve out a place for your business in the competitive landscape.

1.Always Remember the Goal of the Press Release

The best way to professionally manage a press release is to identify its purpose and create accordingly. Mainly, it aims to promote anything or any event. Hence, it should be done clearly. Moreover, the press release is a document that requires professionalism based on following a strict format.

The primary three objectives of the press release are listed below:

  • Notifying the journalists and media about events that help in spreading the news.
  • To convey information about the business by sharing the story in the press release. It motivates the journalists to write and publish a news article on it.
  • To create awareness of the business in different

2.Write in Third Person

Whenever you write a press release, whatever is its purpose, write in the third person. It helps in sharing information from the perspective of outsiders. It can be from the media's perspective.

It's best to ensure that the information is enthralling. If it's not, you need to rethink before sharing the press release. At this point, you can add the announcement or more details to make it interesting—for instance, the news of a celebrity's guest appearance at your event. Also, you can connect your press release to any recent trend or news.

3.Avoid Dry Words in Your Press Release

A good vocabulary is essential. When writing a press release, try to keep your readers hooked from the start. You cannot afford to lose their interest.

Here, it would help if you had the right words to ensure that your press release is not yawn-inducing. Thus, begin with questioning yourself: Why would the media want to publish your story? Why would they chase for updates?

So, when writing a press release, use the right words to state facts. The best way is to add quotes and share more information about the event, product launch, new contract, or other sharable news.

Samples / Examples of Product Launch Press Releases

On the internet, you can easily find samples and product launch examples. For years, the press release has been used as a marketing and promotional tool that helps connect with the audience. In addition, it helps build PR and supports gaining the desired attention to achieve organizational goals.

Here is a list of some of the best product launch press release examples that you can find on the internet:

We found these three highly impressive. First, the press release examples mentioned above for a new product can help you understand the importance of organizing the flow of information and adding facts and figures. We saw that appealingly sharing relevant information is the key to achieving the press release's purpose.

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