6 Landing Page Copywriting Principles for More Conversions on Landing Pages

You have your website, landing page copywriting, paid and unpaid marketing strategies, and content production all ready to go. You put all you have on the digital sphere and now are just waiting for the magic to happen. But oh! Those heavy budgets aren't driving any traffic or conversions.

You are worried now. You spend more money and go at it again and to your utter disappointment, there are no results. What to do now? Where did you go wrong? How to overcome this drought?

Every now and then, countless people decide to haul their businesses online to expand their reach and revenues. They just impulsively implement all the marketing strategies to get fast results and take the internet by storm. Thing is that the online world has advanced a lot and as of now poses a cut-throat competition for every single business, no matter the type or size.

Another factor, and a rather important one, are the customers online who are looking for businesses that catch their eye, build credibility and trust on the get-go. So, no matter how much you rephrase the content of your landing page copywriting or change its design, if it is not resonating with your customers then all your efforts will go straight down the drain.

So, what could be the ray of light for your business in this dark world of relentless competitors and search engine algorithms?

One of the most crucial factors of the success of a business is the understanding of its customers. You have to be clear about your target audience, their interests, age group, demographic region, etc. to map out a marketing strategy that serves their interest the best.

There is no magic sauce to driving traffic to your website. But there this one ingredient called buyer persona fused with a healthy serving of efforts that makes you be the best at your game. In this blog, we’ll be discussing 6 tips that can help you generate more conversions from your landing page.

Catchy Headlines

The most important part of landing page copywriting is the headline. Headlines are the hook of your landing page copywriting. Even if you aim well but your hook is dull, you’ll be wasting away your money and customers.

Copy Blogger says that almost eight out of ten people will just read the headline and either continue ahead or bounce through the page, depending on how good the headline is. Isn't it mind-boggling? That you have spent countless hours, efforts, resources, and money on the landing page just to have customers decide its worth by its title.

This is why it is extremely important that you pay to heed to perfect your headline. There are three types of headlines that you could use for your landing page copywriting:

A Promise or Benefit

When you are browsing the internet for the best restaurant, you segment your choices by a category of requirements that will be your deciding factor. It can offer anything from lower prices and discounts to the ambiance, type of cuisine, and location.

So, while creating landing page copywriting, make your headline about the biggest benefit you will be offering your clients. Be it discounts, unlimited revision, a 10-day refund policy, or a guarantee of quality. Make your selling point your headline to let the customers know why you're the best at the very start.

This makes it clear for the customers to know what they’ll be getting when they decide to do business with you. That promise will draw them towards whatever service/product you are offering and invest in it.

Build Curiosity

This type of headline makes your customer want to read ahead your copy to see what exactly it is that you have to say. Your landing page copywriting should have a headline that is able to create a sense of urgency or curiosity that can compel the customer to give your copy a chance. That chance is all you need to build up your case and convert visitors to customers.

Be Crystal Clear

You want customers that actually won't buy what you offer. There is no point in attracting visitors that have no intention of buying whatever you are offering in the first place. It is important that you spend your time, money, and efforts on customers who are actually willing and interested in your product/services.

Write a headline that hits the bull’s eye with the target you want to achieve from your landing page copywriting. The headline should be crystal clear in telling the visitors the type of customers you want to visit your landing page and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Know Your Audience

The primary aspect of you doing business is the outcomes you want to achieve from it. The same goes for the customers who will be visiting your website. They are more interested in the benefits they'll be getting from your product/services and not the features that you keep on rambling about.

Instead of overloading your landing page copywriting with numerous features that your service/product offers, focus on one or two most prominent features that benefit the most to the customer. These features should solve the most pressing issues of your customers.

This way customers can feel that you are the one company that understands their problem and has the solution ready. Know that customers should be able to find the solution at the first glance on your landing page.

Here are three tips you can utilize to make the most compelling copy for landing page copywriting:

  • Convey the features of your service/product by the benefits they pose to the customers.
  • Visualize the service/product you are offering to draw maximum attention
  • Build credibility through customer testimonials and endorsements.

More Bulk Content

One of the key things you should definitely keep in mind while strategizing your landing page copywriting is that this is not your college essay, reaching the word count is not your priority, your priority is driving as much traffic to your website as you can.

More often than not we forget the main factor for the success or failure of our business is the customers. If your content in any way fails to engage the customers then all your efforts will be of zero worth.

For your landing page copywriting to be effective in gaining the attention of a maximum customer base, you have to make sure that your content is concise, concrete, clear, and correct.

Being concise with your landing page means that you are adopting a to-the-point approach where customers know from the very start what they are in for. Being concrete with your content means that you're not confusing the customers with ambiguous language or industry jargon.

The clarity in your content means that your customers are completely aware of the product or service that you are offering and offering the correct information will ensure that the customer has the right business information to access and do business with you.

Go Long-Form

Landing page copywriting services aims at creating highly interactive and compelling content that highlights the pain point of the customers and then presents a solution right away. This suggested that your landing page should be easily comprehensible and readable where the customers can understand whatever you are offering without having to Google any industry jargon that you may have used in your content.

However, being concise with your content does not mean that you should have a short page. What we are advising is that you take on a long-form approach where you address all the issues that customers face, what you are offering to solve their problems, what are the features of your service or product, and why you are the best option out of all.

As per research by conversion rate experts, it was observed that the sales increased by 52 % after implementing a longer page approach.

Be Relatable

One of the biggest mistakes we make while strategizing our landing page copywriting is that we often forget that our core target is our customers and not the algorithms. While you will be happy sounding like a geek using those complicated words, there can be a chance that your customer may not know about what you are trying to say.

Keep in mind that on the landing pages you are directly acknowledging your customers, and by using vague, ambiguous, or hard to understand language you are just boring them and basically encouraging them to bounce through your website. Try to picture you answering the query of a single person rather than a small population.

The best thing that you can do is include survey answers or testimonials of your clients in your landing page copywriting that tells how your product/service benefitted them. People will be more likely to put their trust in your brand if they can see other real human beings talk positively about it.

Offer Customers a Deal They Can’t Resist

What you offer to your clients is the most important part of your sales- Gary Halberd.

The heart of your landing page copywriting is the benefits you offer to your clients. Nobody will be interested in doing business with you if they can't find any benefit that your business can offer them. People will disregard your website and move on to others because you did not stand out.

This is why it is extremely important that you put the best features of your business on the forefront and explain what benefits they pose. Here are some tips for making a compelling and lead generating landing page:

Limit Choices

Here’s the deal, when you have a lot to choose from you’ll more likely spend a long time and then eventually end up buying nothing. Customers get overwhelmed when they have abundant choices, which is why they either take a lot of time making their decision or just get distracted by something else and forget about your website.

The fact that your landing page copywriting offers a wide range of choices doesn’t mean that it will help the customer in actually making a resolute decision. You want you’re landing page to be a done deal for customers where they can immediately catch on to what you are offering and then right away ask you for a quote.

Put a Limelight on the Benefits You Offer

Make it a habit of reminding your customers about your biggest selling point and why you are the best choice from many other companies. When your customers can see that you offer, let’s say, the most affordable content writing services from the get-go then that will make it easier for them to choose you.

One of the things that can work in your favor is creating a sense of urgency in your landing page copywriting. It is one of the great ways to motivate your customers to proceed with that transaction or whatever outcome it is that you want to achieve.

Address the Key Issues

For example, a company has a low ranking on SERPs and is looking for some search engine optimization services. You can address their issue by telling them why their website is failing to rank high and how your SEO optimized content can help them gain the visibility they deserve.

Offer a Free Hand

When people feel a sense of authority over their decision they are more confident with going through most of the stuff. This is why it is important that your landing page copywriting includes CTAs like “Get your quote and request unlimited access to XYZ thing” or “Get XYZ thing today. Refund it if you don’t like it.”

Such lines speak of your confidence in delivering the best service/product and that the customer has seamless and free will to decide how they want to go about doing business with you.

Uncompromised Quality of Work

One of the things that get your customer into action is guaranteeing the quality of work. By labeling your service/ product the best in the market with no one coming close to competing with you, customers start believing that they'll miss out big time if they don't invest in your business. Make sure to include eye-catching statements in your landing page copywriting that will drive the customers into doing business with you.