What Is SEO Copywriting - Complete Guide

The importance of SEO copywriting cannot be stated enough. It is a super important process that helps generate sales and even improve search engine rankings. No business can exist if they do not take into account SEO strategies to market their business.

Moreover, SEO copywriting adds a professional touch to your business. All businesses need to create a solid copywriting strategy to ensure that the business stays relevant and they keep increasing sales.

Are you curious to learn more about SEO copywriting? Continue reading.

What is SEO Copywriting?

Let's start with a short explanation of what SEO copywriting is.

You would probably think that SEO copywriting is simply a process of drafting content. It’s a lot more complicated than that.

An SEO copywriter has to be diligent with the work to achieve the marketing aims. In addition to that, he has to select the proper keywords to drive organic traffic. The work doesn’t just end with selecting the right keywords. A good SEO copywriter also knows the best placement for these words, backlinking, and more!

SEO Copywriting vs. Traditional Copywriting - What is the Difference?

If you are still wondering, what is SEO copywriting? We’ll help sort out the difference.

There are several types of writing such as direct response copywriting, Ad copywriting, Ad copywriters, Email copywriting, creative copywriting. There are times when marketers get confused between SEO copywriting and traditional copywriting.

But, if you are a true marketer, you should know the differences between different types of content writing. Copywriting speaks directly to the target audience, but SEO copywriting interacts with Google. In order to rank your articles, it is essential that you use SEO strategies.

Moreover, a piece of copywriting cannot be tracked through Google Analytics, but SEO copywriting can be easily tracked.

The job of a traditional copywriter is to persuade people to buy the product. But the job of an SEO copywriter is to convince people by incorporating the correct keywords so that the webpage ranks. A professional copywriter knows copywriting strategies so he can produce compelling content.

You need an SEO copywriter if you want to promote your business on social media. Unfortunately, a copywriter will not help you because their knowledge of keywords and other SEO-relevant metrics is pretty limited.

A professional copywriter on the other hand knows the various SEO copywriting techniques that would help them craft compelling content.

Steps to Optimize Content with SEO Copywriting

Planning to optimize your SEO content? It is important that you follow the steps given below:

1. Keywords

It is significant that you use keywords properly when you craft your content. SEO copywriting is never complete without the use of keywords. People use several different keywords, but only informational keywords add value to your business. 

While keywords are important, do not aim for keyword stuffing. Google does not like the content which is stuffed with keywords and can penalize you if you add keywords aggressively. If your blog is about content marketing, then use appropriate keywords in appropriate places only. Don’t go overboard with keywords and random placement.

2. Add Keyword within URLs, Title, and Header

Keywords are essential, and you should also use the focus keywords in your title, header, and URLs. 

The reason is that keywords improve the user-friendliness of the content. Moreover, it’s easier for the engine to understand the page. Therefore, do not vaguely place the keywords everywhere; you have to place them in areas where the search engine can easily detect them.

3. LSI Keyword

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are semantically related to each other. The search engine uses the related keywords to comprehend the keywords in the content. For example, if you use the keyword "copywriting" repeatedly, Google will think that the page is about copywriting. So you can use traditional copywriting or SEO copywriting instead. 

Your page is filtered to examine the LSI keywords to understand what your page is about. It is advised that you focus on the main keyword and take into account any related keywords.

4. Schema Markup

One of the latest revolutions in search engine optimization is schema markup. It is indeed the most powerful SEO tactic that can be used to optimize content. It tells the search engines about your content and consequently improves the ranking of your page.

Schema markup can be used for various industries and it helps increase click-through rates. According to Google, only a few sites use the schema markup effectively. So, if you use schema markup, there are chances of you acing the competition.

5. Meta Title

Your content will be incomplete if you do not focus on the meta title of the content. Therefore, make sure you craft strong meta titles to rank your articles. Your meta title should not exceed sixty characters and avoid keyword stuffing in it.

Include powerful words or phrases that capture the audience's attention. An example of a good meta title is given below.


6. Meta Description

Don't forget the importance of meta description when you pen down your content. It also has a particular length which you should not exceed.

It is a set of words that appears below the title. It should give a proper insight to the audience about the article. It should contain your focus keyword and be compelling so the audience can read the article.


Many people make the mistake of writing irrelevant meta descriptions and end up lowering their SEO score.

7. Writer Proper Product Descriptions if Any

Writing product descriptions is different from writing articles. Be careful about your tone and style. SEO-friendly product descriptions should use adjectives and keywords properly. If you are selling your products, then write compelling product descriptions. You can discuss the benefits of the product, how it can add value to anyone who purchases it etc.

Keep your sentences short and avoid using jargon at all costs. Be mindful that you don't stuff your content with keywords because your aim is to craft SEO-optimized content. Following is the example of an SEO-friendly product description.


8. Include Ecommerce Category Pages

SEO copywriting for Ecommerce is gaining a lot of importance nowadays because of the rise in Ecommerce stores. Moreover, if you want to optimize your content, ensure that you don't stuff your pages with filler content.

Divide the products into proper category pages so users can explore the store without any hassle. Make sure the layout of the website is good and proper visuals exist. Hence, you have to convey the idea of your product in an innovative way. 

The importance of a functional website cannot be emphasized enough. If it takes too long to load or the categorization of things isn’t done properly then no user would be inclined to visit that website again.

Benefits of SEO Copywriting

There are various benefits of SEO copywriting. So, if you haven't considered SEO copywriting, now is the time to do so.

1. Boosts Your Rankings 

If your article on the web page is on the initial pages of search engines, people find you credible. No one wouldn’t even bother looking up content that is on the 5th page. But, with the help of SEO content writers, you can boost your search rankings easily.

2.  Increases Conversion Rate

It is important that your web pages should be well-optimized, but it is also essential that quality SEO content is crafted. There is no compromise on either. The reason is that with the help of SEO strategies, you can increase your conversion rates as well. 

Conversion rates help you lower the acquisition costs because your business becomes valuable.

3. Reduction of Bounce Rate

For an SEO writer, it is very important to pen down quality content to persuade the audience to buy the product. If the article does not sell a product, the audience enjoys reading the article.

In addition to that, the bounce rate will decrease. It is indeed an important ranking factor because if your bounce rate is higher then you will not generate leads.

4. Increased Sales

Do you know SEO copywriting can boost your sales? The reason is that your search engine rankings improve, and more people can find your website.

Hence, maintain your blog with SEO-optimized content and engage with your followers to increase your sales. Be mindful that your copy should inspire people to avail your services. 

In this way, your profits will also increase.

5. Generate Leads

When you focus on the right keywords and draft quality content, your brand becomes visible. SEO strategies focus on generating leads to generate revenues. When you focus on the target keywords and draft quality content, prospects are immediately converted into your major clients. 

So, if you want to grab the attention of the leads, ensure that you use SEO strategies.

5 Top SEO Copywriting Strategies to Follow

Don't wonder what is SEO copywriting? Instead, read the following strategies so you can produce quality content.

  • As a professional writer, you should carry out your market and topic research. Carry out extensive research so you can write well.
  • You should also focus on your keyword research and search intent, so you draft compelling and accurate content.
  • Evaluate the UX of your website to understand how the users' find your website. Gather complete insight so you can understand the gap that exists in your content.
  • Don't forget to carry out competitor research to understand their strategies. After doing this, you will understand how to grab the audience's attention.
  • Make sure to write simple but compelling content to ensure that it ranks on the search engine.

What does an SEO Copywriter Do?

SEO copywriter performs several tasks as the nature of the job is challenging.

  • Please select the appropriate keywords and phrases regarding the topic he is supposed to write.
  • Brainstorm the topic and divide the word count by keeping the quality of the content in mind.
  • Be mindful of keyword stuffing and place the keyword organically.
  • Optimize Meta title, Meta description, images, so the articles get ranked on the search engine.
  • Link the articles accurately to add more credibility to your work.
  • Prepares a content strategy to increase the conversion rates.
  • An SEO copywriter is also responsible for creating your mailing list.
  • Creates compelling social media posts for audience engagement.


We hope you have a clearer understanding of what is SEO copywriting and what are some good SEO copywriting tips that you can use to craft compelling content.

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