What is Ad Copywriting? A Complete Guide 2021

Do you know how important ad copywriting is? Or do you wonder what is ad copywriting?

Without good copywriters, you cannot generate a high volume of sales. The purpose of ad copywriting is to catch the attention of the people.

Digital advertising is all about marketing and taking the lead. If you are good at marketing, your brand will be able to better compete with its rivals. But, if you are not, it will be harder for your company to generate revenues as your competitors will be able to capture a larger market share.

Hence, to stay relevant and give better competition to your rivals, a business needs to create quality ads.

Ad copywriters use creative and persuasive ways to sell a specific product to a targeted audience. Ad copywriting is a different form of copywriting that requires creativity and a specific understanding of audiences.

That is why organizations need to hire a good copywriter, as ad copywriting plays a crucial role in a business's success. So, dive in to know more about what ad copywriting is?

Purpose of an Ad Copy

For an organization, direct copywriting and email copywriting are essential, but the power of ad copywriting should not be ignored either.

Creative copywriting is essential to market a product effectively. The major purpose of an ad copy is to sell your brand. Therefore, your company cannot stay relevant or generate profits if they do not augment their efforts with ad copywriting.

Without proper knowledge of Ad copy, your business will lose potential clients. Moreover, your competitors will take the lead, and soon, your business will risk becoming irrelevant.

Ad copy is a different type of content whose purpose is to boost your conversion rates and profits. Through an Ad copy, you highlight the key benefits of your products. Moreover, you have to convince the customers that you can solve their problems. Remember, the purpose is to ensure that prospects are converted into leads.

An Ad copy also acts as a sales letter that helps solve people's problems. Thus, be creative with your ad copies or hire a professional to ensure that your brand stands out. Read further to know what is ad copywriting?

What is Ad Copywriting?

In simple words, ad copywriting is content that encourages the customer to avail of your services or buy your brand. Therefore, successful ad copywriters can bring massive traffic to the web pages of the brands. No matter what you sell, it all depends on how you sell it.

Ad copywriting is different from writing a blog or an article. The challenge is to draft something unique and memorable using a far more limited number of words. Thus, an Ad copywriter inspires the audience to take action by developing innovative content of only a few words. As a result, advertising copywriting is a powerful and effective marketing method.

An excellent Ad copy consists of a powerful headline that makes the audience curious.

What Does an Advertising Copywriter Do?

The job of the advertising copywriter is to understand the brands' goals and create compelling content to grab the audience's attention. A brand cannot succeed and grow its market share if its advertising company does not work well. The copywriter aims to find innovative ways to launch the product. They highlight the key benefits of the products enticingly to make sure the product is sold immediately.

An ad copywriter has to make sure that the slogans, headlines, and overall content is catchy and inspire the audience.

Ad copywriters might offer free trials or discounts to convert prospects to leads.

Types of Ad Copies

Do we hope you understand what ad copywriting is? Do you know there are different types of ad copies? The different types of ad copies are as follows:

Human Interest Ad copy


The purpose of human interest and copy is to evoke certain emotions. Therefore, the targeted audience's interests are kept in mind in such ads. Moreover, human interest ad copy defines the product and its benefits to sell it immediately.

Educational Ad Copy


The purpose of educational Ad copy is to inform people about how to use a product and how it can solve their problems. Ad copywriters creatively educate the people to understand the product completely and purchase it.

Institutional Ad Copy


The institutional Ad copy promotes the company or the institution rather than a single product or service. Therefore, an ad copywriter has to create a memorable impression of the company among the audience.

Expository Ad Copy


In an expository Ad copy, the writer does not hide anything about the product. The aim is to present the information clearly, so the customers remember it.

Suggestive Ad Copy


Suggestive Ad copies also convey the message of the brand to the customers. But unlike an expository, it does not do it explicitly. Many things are left for the customer to interpret. This type of ad copy is useful as the reader makes impulsive purchases after seeing the advertisement.

Ten Steps to Write an Effective Ad Copy

To write an effective Ad copy, follow the steps below:

1. Know Your Audience

You cannot write an ad copy out of the blue. First, you must know your target audience and their likes and preferences. When you develop an ad copy after considering your audience in mind, it surely catches their attention.

2. Solve the Problem

The audience will only buy your product if the ad convinces them that the product can solve their problem easily. People are not interested in knowing about the product's features unless it benefits them. Therefore, customers are naturally attracted to the brand that claims to solve their problems.

3. Include Emotions

Remember your goal. You have to establish an emotional connection with your audience. Do not create boring ads or be robotic. Emotions entice immediate response from the audience, and they act immediately to the call.

4. Use Keywords

What is ad copywriting without taking SEO writing into account? SEO Copywriting is not complete without keywords.

Keywords make your content relevant. Make sure you add the right balance of keywords to make your content stand out. Every niche has its own set of keywords, and you should use them so the audience can easily find you.

5. Don't Forget Your CTA's

Ad copies are never complete without CTA's. Ad copy aims to ensure that the audience is motivated to take some action. Thus, ending the copy with a call-to-action word is essential.

For example: Buy now, contact us, get started, etc., can be used. Don't add too many call-to-action. Instead, add one or two to add a professional touch to it.

6. Brief and Simple

Ad copies should be concise and to the point, as they should entertain the audience. Hence, create simple and effective Ads to ensure that the audience finds them interesting. Use simple language and make sure your ads are to the point. Make sure you avoid jargon and sound logical to inspire the audience.

7. Interests of the Audience

You can sell your services easily if you appeal to the target audience's interests. Your job is to make sure people are interested in your brand. Thus, add a personal touch so your audience feels understood.

If you take their interest in the account and entice their emotions. Then, you will surely be successful.

8. Create Buyer Personas

Suppose you want to ensure that you write creative ad copies. Then, make sure you create buyer personas. Buyer Personas can help you segment your target customers into groups. Then, when you know your customers' behavior and preferences, you can create an effective Ad copy.

9. Highlight the Benefits

Customers will only buy your product if it offers benefits. Therefore, do not talk about irrelevant things. Instead, focus on the benefits of your product in a captivating way to make sure your potential clients are interested in buying your product.

10. Proofread and Edit

Before publishing your Ad copy, make sure to eliminate all the errors. Never publish your first draft. Writing a compelling Ad copy is not easy. You have to make sure you continue editing and proofreading it until it looks perfect.

Examples of Top PPC Ad Copy

The PPC Ad copy aims to convince the customers that you can solve their problems. Below are a few examples of PPC Advertising

1. Upwork


Upwork is an online marketplace, and their PPC ads are excellent.

2. Snickers

Snickers made a creative PPC advertisement at the right time and gained more than five thousand visitors.


3. Converse "Conversations"

Converse targeted young adults and developed innovative PPC campaigns to sell their products. In addition, the brand targeted the high-traffic keywords to increase its online engagement.


Examples of Top Facebook Ad Copy

Facebook ads offer freedom to the copywriters to draft the Ad as per their requirements.

Below are a few examples of Facebook advertising.

1. Sephora

Sephora's engagement rate with their short Facebook Ad copy increased by 40%. Thus, the ad copy shows that you have to be creative to grab sales.


2. P.F Chang's

P.F Chang initiated a contest via Facebook Ad, which increased their brand worth.


3. Pura Vida

Pura Vida's creative Facebook Ad increased their sales.


Benefits of Writing an Effective Ad Copy

Writing a simple ad copy is not enough. You need to write an effective ad copy to yield maximum ad copy benefits. There are several benefits of writing an effective Ad copy which are as follows:

1. Conveys the Brand Message

Ad copywriting is an effective way to convey the brand's message. Ad copywriters must use innovative ways to make people understand the details about the products and the message. Make sure you use language that creates a coherent brand story.

2. Establish Relationship

Through powerful ad copies, you can establish a relationship with your audience. A skillful ad copywriter can assure the audience that your brand is the right choice. In this way, customers will always approach you for services.

3. Massive Traffic

What else does a business want other than generating leads? Good ad copies can help generate traffic, unlike any other marketing method. For example, Google and Instagram ads will give you a better reach.

4. Better ROI

With effective Ad copies, your return-on-investment can also increase. It is because PPC ads reach the audience within no time. So, if your ad copy is effective, you can double your return-on-investment within no time.

Hence, your ROI will also be good if your marketing tactics are good.

5. Brand Image

You can easily rule your niche with your excellent Ad copies. The Ad copies you create are an excellent way to represent your brand. Good Ad copy is the one that should resonate with the tone of your brand. Thus, create unique ad copies to make sure your brand stands out. The Ad copies you create have the potential of making and breaking your brand.


In conclusion, we hope you will not Google what is adcopywriting?

Compelling ad copies can boost your sales, and you can make your brand stand out. Moreover, you do not want to miss the various benefits of ad copywriting.

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