What Is an eBook? What Makes Them Work and How to Make Your Own?

The world has already moved to the digital. People enjoy the liberty of doing everything on the go, from making transactions to ordering their favorite attires. Readers took their time, but eventually, even they have moved from physical copies of their favorite fictions to reading the same books on digital.

The development of devices like Kindle and Kobo dedicated to readers is evidence of the growing trend of eBooks.

However, there is still quite a bit of ambiguity for content creators on how to write eBooks properly, how they work, and how creating them is different from creating conventional copies. This article will enable you to write top-quality eBooks by addressing all of the abovementioned concerns.

Let’s start with the basics.

What Is an eBook?

Electronic books, a.k.a. eBooks, are digital versions of books. They are made to be read online on desktops or handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. Ebooks have become quite popular today, which is plummeting the trend of physical book publishing. This includes everything from fictional and nonfictional books to bestsellers across the world.

A common misconception about eBooks is that anyone would be able to edit them, tampering with the book’s content. This cannot be farther from the truth because once the book is finalized, it is converted into a non-editable, read-only format (AZW, PDF, or EPUB) to ensure content integrity.

What Makes an eBook Work?

There are plenty of reasons that contribute to the popularity of eBooks.

One of the greatest benefits of creating eBooks, or creating digital versions of physically printed books, is that they help broaden your audience by a significant margin. For instance, a book that is only available on shelves in the US can be made available to the global audience, enabling eBook writers to broaden their fanbase.

The growing awareness around environmental safety is also driving creating writing towards the digital. Ebooks are paperless, which means that trees are not cut down to make paper for them. This enables eBook writers to contribute to the safety of the environment indirectly.

Furthermore, eBooks are digital, which means the cost of printing is saved. This cost-saving trickles down to the buyers who can buy their favorite editions for less than half the price of the printed counterparts.

How to Create an eBook?

EBook writers follow a different process from conventional marketing and production. In this section, we will guide you on how professional eBook writers create a bestseller, followed by social media marketing tips to help you build a robust marketing strategy.

#1 Decide a Topic

Like any other piece of content, eBook writers also begin working by deciding a relevant topic that sums up their ideas into a single line. Creating a catchy title is of utmost importance as it is your first impression on the reader.

An eBook’s topic must intrigue the readers to go through the preface and decide to make the purchase.

An eBook’s title plays a more significant role in the purchase of an eBook than a cover of a conventional copy. Potential buyers have access to Google, enabling them to research the book and find relevant threads and reviews that compel them to make a decision.

A poorly laid out topic can be outmatched by a good one, which is why expert eBook writers take as much time it takes to come up with a catchy title. In other words, if your eBook’s topic doesn’t create curiosity, you might lose a potential customer to another book that starts with a catchier title.

You should spend an ample amount of time to come up with a title that would attract readers. The good part is that you have time until the completion of your book to redo the topic to perfection. Use that time and use your content editing skills to their best.

#2 Create an Outline

If you don’t have a thorough outline prior to writing an eBook, chances are you may not be able to do a good enough job at creating it. The reason behind this is continuity. An outline contains the crux of your book without the details. For example, it will let the readers know that life for the protagonist changes over time – how and why that happens will be covered in the chapters.

An outline also contains the list of chapters you will write in your book. This is another critical part of the eBook because it enables you to decide the flow of the story beforehand.

While we’re talking about the flow, it is critical to mention that the story is bound to be haphazard without knowing the book’s flow. A chaotic storyline will require an extensive book editing process for fixation. Expert eBook writers recommend taking your time, listing down your ideas, and creating chapters – each chapter should cover a particular part of the story.

Here’s a quick tip: end each chapter with a cliffhanger. It will keep the readers on their toes for what’s next.

#3 Design the eBook

Professional eBook writers prefer to design external and internal parts of the book while they are in the process of writing. You can hire a designer to develop the back and the cover of your book while you fill the chapters with your creative writing.

According to eBook experts, a captivating cover greatly helps in social media marketing. It plays a critical role in convincing potential customers to view your eBook online. Professional designers can get the job done well since they often have experience in content marketing.

The key here is to prepare your book for the digital marketing stages. Different platforms use different dimensions. You have to create personalized book covers for each platform to make the most of your online marketing strategy.

Here’s a pro tip from one of our professional eBook writers: make sure the color scheme of your cover carries the same vibe as your story. For example, a dark theme would settle perfectly for a thriller, while a sky-blue color combination denotes a laid-back storyline.

#4 Format It Well

This is another area where eBooks differ from their physical variants. Ebook writers have to format the book to make sure it is easily readable across all devices. You have to make sure that the text aligns perfectly with the designs. Furthermore, format the book in a way that avoids content clusters – this affects the readability of the eBook and could result in a negative review from your audience.

The following is a general format eBook writers use across the globe:

  • Page height: 9.25
  • Page width: 6.25
  • Font size: 12
  • Font type: Times New Roman  

What Next?

Once your eBook is complete, it is time to publish it online. Ghost writing services often offer publishing on notable online platforms in addition to content editing and other services. Marketing your eBook is equally important because it will enable potential readers to find your content online .

It wouldn’t matter if you hired the best eBook writers to create top-quality content for you if you fail to develop a thorough marketing strategy. Amazon is among the leading platforms for selling eBooks.

The digital world is becoming increasingly competitive by the day, which is why it is best to hire professional eBook writers and content marketers who would create and publish your book for the world to admire.

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