What Is Email Copywriting? Complete Guide

We all know how important email marketing is for a business.

But are you aware of the importance of writing compelling emails to engage the customers? Writing a compelling email is not easy. You have to hire an email copywriter. But what is email copywriting?

Email copywriting is the process of writing an email to encourage prospects to buy your products. A good email copywriter can help you establish a healthy relationship with your customers. Email copywriting enables you to express your idea in a convincing way to persuade the customers.

Email copywriting can help you achieve your objectives easily. Whether you want to promote your product, drive traffic, or launch a flash sale, it can only be done if you can write excellent emails.

Thus, for the copy to be interesting, it must be readable and should look neat.  

Moreover, it also requires a conversational tone, so the audience is interested to read. Want to know more about it? Let's dive in!

Reasons to Improve Email Copywriting

Like SEO copywriting, email copywriting has also gained importance in today's world.

It is very important to understand what email copywriting is. It will help if you first understand the benefits of email marketing for your business.

You should use email marketing to improve as it can help you generate more sales. Moreover, it is not costly at all.  Even if you are running a medium-sized business or an enterprise, you should use email marketing to stay relevant.

Today, organizations use email marketing to stay relevant in their niche and take the lead. With the help of email copywriting, you can bring your existing customers back and even grab the attention of new ones.

For email marketing, you do not have to go the extra mile because you can reach millions of people within no time. Everyone uses a cell phone, and all you have to do is write unique content.

In addition to that, people check their mailbox more often to increase your brand awareness this way. You can build a credible image of your company if your email marketing is good. Customers like buying products from brands they know and trust.

But it is only possible if you are able to create compelling emails because no one likes reading mediocre or filler emails. Without creative email copywriting, your email marketing will not generate good results. 

Email marketing, despite being cost-effective, has a higher return on investments.

If you are still not using email marketing, you are missing out on the beneficial ways of marketing. Read further to understand what email copywriting is.

8 Email Copywriting Tips for Better ROI

We hope you understand what email copywriting is. Email marketing is a cost-effective method of marketing, unlike ad copywriting. It yields maximum profit if used appropriately.

1. Catchy Subject line

People read your email after reading the subject line. If your subject line is not creative or unique, they will not even open your email. Therefore, you have to put a lot of time and effort into drafting a catchy subject line.

Make sure to use better words and phrases to create hype about your products.  Be mindful, do not drag your subject line. Keep it short and sweet. Also, use your audience’s real names when you refer to them. This personal touch can boost your sales, unlike any other technique.

2. Set a Goal

You can never excel in email writing if you do not have a goal. Therefore, before writing an email, you should know about the goal of the company.

Only type an email if you have a target to achieve. Then, brainstorm the ways you can achieve your target. Then, you will surely be able to get good results.

3. Get Personal

Do not type generic emails. People are not interested in reading boring emails at all. Instead, brainstorm different ideas and then draft a unique email.

Keep your buyer persona in mind and think about how you can get personal with one customer. For example, use the pronouns "you" and "I" so you can reach out to them on a personal level. Explain to them how you can help them and why they should consider you.

4. Avoid jargons

We all know simplicity is the key to success. So your job is to write simple and creative content to catch the attention of the audience.

Your audience will not read your emails if you use jargon related to your niche. They will not spare time to research. Instead, they will simply leave the email. Therefore, avoid technical language to gain more customers.

5. Short and Concise

You have to stay relevant while you are drafting an email. People do not like reading long emails. They simply skim it.

Do not write paragraphs, instead break your copy to make sure your email looks neat and clean. Use bullet points, questions, and short sentences to add crispness to your content.  Short and crispier content catches the attention of the customers. 

6. Include CTA

Emails are never complete without a call to action. It is essential as it acts as a signpost and compels users to take certain actions. 

If you do not add a CTA, the customers are not likely to take any action. But, be mindful that you do not add too many call-to-actions because your prospect will get confused. Remember, the idea is to be simple and include a single and relevant call to action.

These tips can boost your return on investments, better than any other method. 

7. Add an Email Signature

You should never end your emails abruptly. To give a professional touch to your emails, you should always add an email signature.

It should include the basic information about you, your designation, and contact information. Customers will find you more credible if you do this.

8. Know Your Target Audience

You can only be successful in your aims if you know who your targeted customers are.

Write captivating emails after understanding your customers. The tone of an email can vary depending on the target audience. You can only convince your audience if you can speak the language they like.

What does an email copywriter do?

Email copywriting is challenging because it requires a writer to draft concise and compelling emails to generate leads. The email should not exceed one page, depending on the nature of the campaign.

Email copywriters can write engaging emails, brand stories, receipt emails, tutorials, newsletters, etc. The challenge is to avoid filler content and include a high level of persuasion. In addition, there should be a connection between CTA, content, and subject line.

This is the reason companies need creative copywriters to handle their content. 

Eight Ways to Improve Your Email Copywriting

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching customers and increasing your revenues.  But not everyone can do a great job in this domain.

Nonetheless, you can always improve your email copywriting by keeping in mind certain tips.

1. Write About the Benefits

Do not bore your audience by only talking about the offers and features of the product. Instead, talk about the benefits of your services. Naturally, customers are interested to know about the benefits they will receive after they avail your product. 

2. Be Honest

You have to be honest about the benefits and features of your product. Deliver your promises to generate leads. Customers will never trust your brand if you lie to grab their attention. Even if your product is offering one advantage, make sure you write about it.

3. Own Experiences

You cannot always write about discount offers or promotions. But to stay connected with the audience, you should sometimes share your own product experience and email them.

Trust us, it works like magic. Your readers will trust you this way.

4. Offer Giveaways

Giveaways are the best way to grab the attention of the audience. If you want to stay connected to the audience, make sure you email them to let them know you value them.

In this way, new customers will also be attracted to buy your product.

5. Proofread and Edit

Never send your first draft to the customers. You should always proofread and edit to eliminate all the mistakes. 

Writing a compelling email is not easy. First, you have to proofread it repeatedly until you are satisfied with it.

6. Practice

Who said copywriting is easy? It never is! You should ensure that you practice writing promotional emails. It will help you enhance your skills and make you the best copywriter.

7. Learn Direct Copywriting

Direct copywriting can help you draft unique content that can pursue the audience to take certain actions.  In this type of copywriting, a person learns to communicate directly to the customers, so they buy the product.

If you master direct copywriting, then you can write highly creative emails. 

8. Alignment

To write a compelling email, ensure your subject line and body content are aligned. It can be a huge turn-off for the customers if you promise something in your body content, but your email does not discuss it. 

Hence, make sure your subject line and body content are aligned to gain the customers' trust.

Benefits of Effective Email Copywriting

If your organization is not using email marketing then now is the time to do so. There are several benefits of email copywriting.

  • Email marketing keeps you connected to your audience. Customers check their emails frequently, so customer engagement is increased.
  • With email marketing, you can reach out to your clients easily.
  • It is affordable because you just have to send an email.
  • Email marketing helps increase brand awareness by keeping your customers updated about your brand.
  • With email marketing, you can measure how your campaigns are working.
  • With the help of email marketing, you can deliver targeted messages and increase your conversion rate.
  • Email marketing generates revenues as customers are attracted to avail discounts and special offers.
  • It immediately impacts the audience as customers feel valued when they see your emails.
  • It provides value to your customers because they check their emails regularly and feel valued when receiving your emails.
  • Collecting feedback via email marketing is easy because everyone uses their mobile all the time. It will take seconds for the customers to give you feedback.
  • Email marketing increases lead by convincing the audience to avail your special offers.
  • With email marketing, you have your own forum for self-promotion.


After reading our blog, we hope you will not Google what email copywriting is.

Email copywriting has gained popularity in recent years. Email copywriters need to be creative to create compelling emails to attract leads. Moreover, email copywriting is an effective way of promoting your brand. Therefore, you should consider hiring good email copywriters to boost your brand awareness.

If you are looking forward to hiring a professional email copywriter, you are at the right place.

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