Best Tips to Write YouTube Video Script Like a Pro

Whether you’re a professional YouTuber just starting, or you’ve been making videos for a while and want to take them to the next level, scripting your videos is critical. Writing a good YouTube script can help you stay on track, keep your videos focused, and make them more exciting and engaging to watch.

In this article, we will help you with a few tips on writing a YouTube script that will help you create great YouTube videos.

Tips for creating a professional YouTube script

YouTube is a powerful platform for marketing your product or service. It has been ranked as the second-largest search engine globally, so your videos must be optimized to rank higher on the YouTube search result page.

When creating a video, the most essential part is the content. A well-written and concise script will help to ensure that your video is high quality, on-brand, and engaging for your audience.

One of the most efficient approaches to optimize your YouTube video is to create scripts and storyboards before filming. Following are a few tips to make a YouTube script like a pro:

1. Write it Down:

Whenever you decide to make a YouTube video, the first step is writing a YouTube script. You can do this yourself or hire a YouTube scriptwriter. A script is the most crucial element; as your video is based upon it, the script decides your video’s fate.

The script should reflect upon the idea of the video and the goals, messages you want to convey, the length of the video, and the tone. The key is to align each element with the video to unify the message across the video.

2. Intended Audience:

If your video doesn’t resonate with the audience, your video may not make the impact you are aiming for. To make a video that goes viral, you must understand the people who watch it what sort of content they enjoy and relate to share it and eventually make your video go viral.

To understand your audience, you can make use of YouTube’s YT Studio or any other third-party tool that allows you to understand your audience and gather insights. And once you’ve got insights, you can easily create content resonating with your audience and make your work go viral.

3. Determine Your Objectives:

To reach your objectives, you always need to form a strategy; you cannot reach your destination without a roadmap. In the case of a video, one of your goals may go viral, but setting goals isn’t enough; you also need to know how to achieve them and why you want to achieve them.

Does the reason behind your wanting to go viral is brand awareness, or are you looking to grow your fan base and online presence, or maybe you’re looking for a greater conversion rate?

Each of the reasons behind your goals will require you to form a strategy accordingly. Moreover, you will also have to form different strategies and content for each sales funnel stage. Hence first decide upon your objectives and then identify the reasons behind those objectives to develop strategies to fulfill them.

4. Start Strong

If you’ve ever come across a viral video, you must have noticed that such a video grasps the audiences’ attention immediately. But how do they do so? Using the word, YOU, that too within the first 5 seconds of the video.

And it isn’t some random trial and error. Instead, research suggests that by using the words YOU or YOUR at the start, preferably the first couple of seconds of your video, you’re more likely to get a higher retention rate than videos without such words.

Here are a few other approaches to increase your reach and enhance your video results.

  • Include a plot twist, create suspense and be unpredictable.
  • Make your content resonate with the audience.
  • Engage and meddle with the sentiments of the audience
  • Add video or audio clips that grasp the attention of the audience.

Including these tips in your video will likely increase reach and give you a higher retention rate.

5. Storytelling

Most of the viral videos you must have come across include a story because stories are highly engaging and captivating to the audience. However, remember that most people won’t watch a video longer than five minutes. Try to keep your story as short as feasible, don’t unnecessarily expand your story, or else it will bore the audience and lose their interest.

One of the best ways to get your viewers’ attention is by telling them about something that happened to you personally. This could be something funny, scary, or interesting. It will give your viewers an insight into who you are and why they should listen to what you have to say.

Moreover, you can use universal concepts to shorten the story while adding necessary details. Do not spend much time over the backstory and try to jump into the actual story as soon as possible. And the crucial element here is to make the story resonate with the audience so that they can share it more and more, increasing the reach and retention of your video.

Why is it so crucially important to write a YouTube script?

When you are creating a video, the script is the most crucial part. It is the blueprint for your video, and it will determine how your video looks and sounds. If you write a good script, your video will be successful. But if you write a lousy script, your video will be a disaster.

There are a few reasons why it’s essential to write a YouTube script before you start shooting your YouTube video.

  • First, it ensures that your video has a clear and consistent message. Without a script, it’s easy for your message to get muddled in the editing process.
  • Second, a script can help you stay on-topic and within the time limit for your video. If you’re trying to cram too much information into a five-minute video, your viewers are going to lose interest fast.
  • Finally, a good video script can help you come across as more professional. When you’re speaking off the cuff, it’s easy to get sidetracked or forget what you wanted to say. Having a script to follow ensures that your video is cohesive and on-message while still leaving room for improvisation.

Steps to writing a YouTube script

When it comes to creating video content, scripting is critical. Your video will likely suffer without a well-written and concise script, and viewers will lose interest. While there is no one way to write a video script, however, there are a few tips that can help you write a video script that is both interesting and engaging. But you’re probably wondering now how you can write a YouTube script? You don’t need to worry any further because we have you covered.

Here are the three steps to a great YouTube script:

1. The hook

The first few sentences of your script should capture your viewers' attention. Try to start with a hook. The hook is the opening line that grabs the viewer’s attention and makes them want to watch the rest of the video. It should be attractive, catchy, and must resonate with the main idea of the video.

The hook is usually the first eight seconds of the video, which decides whether people will stay for the rest of your video or not. An excellent way to practice hooks is by viewing viral videos and analyzing what made you stay and captured your interest past the eight-second mark.

2. The Patty

The story, which is often referred to as the patty, is, as the name suggests, the meat of your video. The patty decides the quality of your video. While some videos may have amazingly captivating hooks, their patties may be as stale as a lump of week-old meat. Hence, it’s essential that the patty should be as engaging and captivating as the hook, if not outperform it.

The patty should be engaging and exciting. It should capture the viewer’s attention and hold their attention until the end. You want a fresh and delicious patty, not a stale one; a fresh juicy, and mouthwatering patty contains three factors:

  1. Value – How is the patty providing value to your audience? What are they taking away from the patty? Value isn’t always information or data, but it may also be entertainment, or both, infotainment depending on the video.
  2. Equal to the Hook – the patty must be as good in quality content as the hook to ensure a smooth transition. The patty must be relevant to the hook and as captivating as the hook, if not outperforming it.
  3. Captivating – Even though the patty may be providing value, if it isn’t engaging and captivating enough, the audience will not watch your content and leave midway. Hence, make sure the patty is interesting enough, and in a natural flow, the audience will lose interest with a smooth transition.

3. The Call to Action

The call to action is often presented at the end of the content. It should be short and direct, asking viewers to take some sort of action. However, as crucial as this part is, it is often ignored by several content creators.

Another segment of content creators thinks that merely asking people to subscribe, like, comment, or share is the call to action. However, they’re mistaken, as the audience is so used to these words that they often skip and ignore these terms.

So, if you want to stand out, you must come up with something new and innovative that is in transition with the patty and blends naturally, just like natural makeup look. An example of such a case can be if your video is about writing a YouTube script, you give a call to action something like, “check the link in the description box to find a promo code for YouTube script writing services.”

How can you convert low-reach YouTube videos into viral ones?

What is quality content without reach? Nothing, a waste of resources. This is why we have brought you some tips to make this high-quality content turn into viral content.

We will discuss five ways to improve the reach of your YouTube video, from optimization of content to hashtags and promotional plans.

1. Short and Concise Videos

Gone are the days when long videos meant engagement and reach. Nowadays, most viral videos are short and less than a minute usually. This is why social media platforms like Snack App and TikTok, and other short video-sharing social media platforms have gained a lot of popularity, even though they have imposed a time restriction upon content.

Hence the theory suggesting that only long videos can go viral has been proved wrong. It’s entirely possible to create and share attention-grabbing full stories within a minute and still go viral. So, create short yet full videos, else you could end up losing a viewer, plus they won’t spread your video either.

2. Captions

There are many times when you want to see a viral video but are unable to due to being in a public place with no accessibility to earphones. In such a time, captions come to the rescue; they can help increase the reach and visibility of the video significantly, giving the audience the ease to engage with your content no matter where they are, who they are with, or what they are doing.

Adding captions is one of the best ways to be more inclusive of your content. Captions improve the audiences’ experience and expand the accessibility of the video. Plus, it is easier for the audience to watch the video without even trying the actual voice on.

3. Producing Powerful and Optimized Content

It doesn’t matter whatever platform you are sharing your content on, be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., you need to make sure the title, description, and captions are fully optimized. SEO optimization is the key to success alongside powerful content.

Not only does your content have to resonate with the message, but it must also grasp the readers’ attention and evoke their eagerness to watch and stay hooked to your video, to rank higher on the search engine rank page, and drive increased organic traffic.

This doesn’t mean that the way you present the content should be unique or captivating, like a clickbait and all-caps title and captions on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Still, it means that alongside formatting, the content itself must be of high quality and enough to evoke the curiosity of the reader.

For YouTube, this is significantly more crucial to increase reach and visibility.

4. Hashtags

One of the most popular and effective approaches to drive organic traffic and enhance the visibility of content is hashtags; no matter which social media platform you use to share your content on from YouTube to TikTok, or Instagram to Facebook, there is no exception.

Hashtags have always helped increase reach; even with the wrong set of hashtags, you can still drive traffic. However, hashtags have a lot of potentials if you use the correct set of hashtags resonating with your content.

Utilizing popular and trending hashtags in video captions and titles and descriptions can help a broader and diversified audience reach your content as they scroll through similar ones. But if you want relevant reach, make sure you use the correct set of hashtags and a few popular and trending ones. Do your research to form a suitable and appropriate group of hashtags, or you can even use different tools available online.

5. Promotional Strategies

All of these tips are incomplete without using promotional tactics and strategies; do some of your own promotion. Publishing content and waiting for it to go viral on its own is utter stupidity. You need to share the content by yourself over different platforms and ask your friends and family to do so as well.

Using a complete promotional approach with plans and strategies to share across different platforms using insights will help spread your content and is the first step towards a viral video.

Using platforms that give the maximum benefits and drive the most enormous amount of traffic at priority. Don’t forget to also market and distribute your video over the initially published platform. Always remember you are your first cheerleader, and similarly, you must always be your first promotor.

To wrap things up

YouTube is an excellent platform providing businesses with the opportunity to showcase their products and services. It is also a great way to build viewership and connect with them.

Writing videos for YouTube is a great way to create content that can help your marketing efforts. This is because it gives you a way to connect with customers individually. It's always good to consider what types of videos your customers might be interested in and figure out how you can create and share these types of videos with them.

Starting with a short, captivating, and exciting introduction, preferably addressing a problem of interest, establishing clear goals and objectives to resonate the content with the customers while using testimonials, facts, and figures to end on a call to action.

We discussed with you a few tips to improve your YouTube script writing skills; we hope you put them to use. If you need any professional help writing the perfect script for your videos, get in touch with the writing experts at Writing Services Hub. Their professional team will take care of all your writing-related projects. Happy Scripting!