How to Write Ad Words Ad Copy - Guidelines & Tips

Inorganic media is taking over organic marketing in the modern digital world. Businesses are investing more in digital marketing campaigns than BTL activities due to various reasons like easier tracking, acquisition of leads, accurate monitoring, and more. 

The traction in paid marketing has made ad copywriting more critical than ever. Every marketing strategy effort revolves around good copywriting, from captivating captions on social media to copies for pay-per-click marketing. 

Copywriting itself is a significantly massive genre. This article will focus mainly on ad copywriting, ad copy best practices, and how you can create an ad copy that converts prospects into leads. Let’s get right into it.

What is Ad Copywriting?

This term specifically refers to content written for advertisements, online and offline. It is the text you often see on visuals and descriptions (in the case of online marketing). Ad copies are usually short, crisp, and communicative. 

Modern advertisers let their creative juices flow when it comes to creating compelling ad copy. Their purpose is to communicate an entire idea within a few words. The concise nature of ad copies often makes it difficult to construct them, which is why experts often put their heads together while working on a particular ad’s copy. 

Ad Words Ad Copy

AdWords Ad copy is the copy you create for ads on Google. They are a critical part of PPC, through which Google displays your ad banners in front of your potential audience. According to an estimate, over 95% of the search engine giant’s (Google) revenue is attributed to AdWords ad copy. 

Creating Ad Words Ad Copy That Converts

Creating compelling copies for AdWords is a challenging task. It is why we have compiled a list of the best tips and guidelines on how a professional writer would create ad copies.

#1 Use the Right Keywords

An ad copy is shown to people searching for relevant keywords. It means that if your content writing does not contain the right keywords, Google may not showcase your ad to relevant customers. It is essentially why experts suggest using the exact phrase and keywords their audience is using for relevant searches. 

Google will identify the user’s search and showcase ads whose copy contains similar keywords. It enables the search engine to look up the most relevant ads and place them in front of the viewer. So, the next time you sit down for ad copywriting, make sure you make ample use of the most commonly used relevant keywords – AdWords and LSI keywords are excellent ways to get started with your keyword research.

#2 Focus on Call-To-Action

Professional writers always recommend putting effort into creating the best possible call-to-action (CTA) for your ad copy. The entire purpose of these ads is to make users click on your ad, so they are redirected to your landing page. For that, your ad copy needs to have a strong CTA to drive an action from users.

The question is, how can you create such a CTA?

Creative writing is all about finding new ways to convey the same message more effectively. There are several ways to do that. The most common methods include “visit now,” and “call now,” etc. However, we recommend avoiding following the herd. 

Give your readers a reason to click on the ad copy. “Find affordable packages here” or “Free appointments available right now.” Remember, a good CTA is one where the readers feel like you’re particularly talking to them – conversational tones work well in this scenario. 

#3 Do Your Research

Don’t just get up and start writing an ad copy; chances are you won’t be able to create compelling content. You need to build a copy that readers can relate to personally, and for that, you would need to search the pain points for which your solution would work best. 

Once you know the problem, address it directly and then provide a solution to it in addition to the CTA. For example, if you are creating an ad copy for a beard oil brand, you can begin with “Tired of a patchy beard?” or “Patchy beard? Not anymore!” 

Another excellent way to begin your ad copy is to make your ad copy goal-driven. For instance, “Enjoy a fuller beard,” or gain attention with a question like “Looking for a richer beard?” There are a lot of different ways to go creative with your ad copy. 

#4 Trigger the Sense of Urgency 

It is human nature to respond to things when they are on a deadline. A lot of expert writers use this concept of risk aversion to drive action from their customers. The key here is to write your ad copy in a way that conveys an opportunity for a limited time. 

For example: 

  • Last day | buy 1 get 1 offer
  • The sale ends tonight 
  • 1st come 1st serve-13 spots left
  • 48 hours left|Book your spot

There are countless creative ways that you can opt for to trigger a sense of urgency within your potential customers. Here is a pro tip: You can use a Google countdown timer as well. It is a feature the search engine giant offers to play a countdown timer on your AdWords text ads improving your click-through rate.

#5 Be Specific

One of the most critical aspects of creating a compelling AdWords web copy is to include the particular phrase people are using to search on the internet. We talked about the LSI keywords and using them in your ad copy. However, explicitly using that LSI keyword in your copy will make your ad much more specific. 

For example: if you are selling gaming controllers, and a common LSI keyword is “PS5 Gaming controllers,” then using the exact word-to-word phrase will enable Google to deem you a more specific solution to the user’s query which translates into better indexing. 

Here is a pro tip for you: An ad copy has three parts, heading 1, heading 2, and a short description. You can allocate a particular research phrase to either of the headings, preferably H1. You can link such ad copies to specific product pages or categories for better accuracy and conversion. 

#6 Be Unique

Unless you are selling a product or service with little to no competition, it is best to avoid the common communication methods or techniques. Taking the same example of PS5 consoles from above, here are some copies your content editing team should avoid:

  • Affordable PS5 controllers 
  • Best PS5 gaming controllers
  • Buy PS5 gaming controllers

If you look up the phrase, you will find countless entities selling the same product, and most of them will be strategizing their ad copy on affordability, how great they are, or simply as the reader to buy a console. 

Instead, we recommend giving your potential audience a solid reason to click on your ad. For example:

  • H1: Amplify gaming experiences with
  • H2: Light PS5 gaming controllers


  • H1: Exclusive PS5 controllers
  • H2: Limited Time Offer |15% Off

You are selling the same PS5 controllers, but your copies are unique and more compelling, improving click-through rates and potential conversion.

In a Nutshell

Writing trends are evolving with each passing day. You need to follow the generic copywriting principles while ensuring a more creative approach to lure your potential audience. Creating truly persuasive ad copies will enable you to stand out in a crowded online market.

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